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Illustrated Jelly

Jellyfish turned out to be more complex to illustrate than I thought they would be. Their translucent quality threw me off at first. The simpler the object appears the harder it is to render in any medium. It’s easier to see flaws whereas when something is complex our eyes get caught up in the layering […]

Favorite Fancy Fish Friday

The psychedelic Mandarinfish resides in my reef. He was actually the first fish I illustrated for my underwater retreat. This is one of my favorite fish and a must see when I visit the aquarium. Do you have a favorite must-see fish? My illustration is based on Luc Viatour’s photo on Wikipedia.

The Mighty Planktivore

An animal that eats mostly zooplankton and crustaceans is a planktivore. These little Royal Grammas are planktivores and they live at my private reef. Real grammas are just as colorful as my illustration. I’m amazed how vibrant sea life is. So, did you know what a planktivore was? (I didn’t.) illustration by me!

Peek At My Private Reef

Another illustration project I have is creating a coral reef teaming with life. When it’s completed, there will be corals, crustaceans, mollusks, fish, and things I don’t’ even know what category they fit into yet. All the creatures will be based on real animals. This is a small peak at a tiny part of my […]

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