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Join me in paradise, come on!

Go on. Take a ten-minute vacation right now, in your head. Have a mai tai or some other delicious fruit cocktail with an umbrella while you relax on a beach with these flowers hanging in the background. This is June’s illustrated flower. Heliconias are tropical flowers also known as “false bird-of-paradise” and lobster-claws. Colors vary […]

A Different Kind of May Flower

I chose the Saguaro Cactus Flower to illustrate for May. The flowers are fascinating and so pretty. The saguaro is a tall, tree-like cactus native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The flowers bloom at night and into the early morning, about 18 hours. Then they close permanently. During their brief life span, bats and […]

Lady Slipper Orchid for April

April flower is the Lady Slipper. This is a cool looking orchid. It comes in all colors (even black). The slipper-shaped pouch traps insects forcing the bugs to climb up past the staminode. By doing this they collect or deposit pollinia, fertilizing the flower. Kind of creepy, huh? My illustration is based on a photograph by Teresa Boardman (cc). […]

Let the Bells of Ireland Ring

March’s flower is the unusual green Bells-of-Ireland. The large green calyces surround a white or pink flower and have sharp little needles along the edges. The bells cluster together along the stem in dramatic spires. These curious flowers do not grow in Ireland but get there name from the coloring. Side fact: Bells symbolize good […]

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