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A Writers Guide to Roses

Roses are woody plants within the Rosaceae family. There are over a hundred species and thousands of cultivars. They may be erect shrubs, climbing or trailing plants. The stems often have sharp prickles. Prickles are small, sharp outgrowths of the plant’s stem. They break off easily. Thorns have vascular bundles making them tougher. Though we say […]

A Writers Guide to Foxglove

Foxglove bears 2-5 foot tall spikes of tubular flowers. Colors include pink, red, purple, white, and yellow. The flower throats are often speckled. Particulars Botanical Name: Digitalis; Digitalis purpurea is the most well-known variety. Common/Folk Names: Bloody Fingers, Dead Men’s Bells, Cottagers, Cow-flop, Fairy Caps, Fairy Petticoats, Fairy Thimbles, Fairy Fingers, Fairy’s Glove, Fairy Weed, Folks Gloves, […]

A Writers Guide to Elfwort

Elfwort is an herb in the sunflower family that can grow up to 5 feet in height. These plants have large, toothed leaves with woolly undersides. The 3-4 inch flowers have 50-100 thin, almost wispy, yellow-rayed petals. Particulars Botanical Name: Inula helenium Common/Folk Names: Alantwurzel (German), Aunée (French), Dyavosyl (Devil’s Strength), Elecampane, Elfdock, Elefwort, Enula Campana (Spanish/Italian), […]

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