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Chai Latte Cupcakes

Dare I say it? I have a new favorite cupcake. The spicy smell that drifted out of the kitchen while these baked was heavenly. There really is nothing more to say except this is a good one. 😉 Have a delightful holiday everyone. I’ll be back next year! Chai Latte Cupcakes makes 6 1/4 cup […]

Ch-Ch-Chocolate Cupcakes!

It’s finally time for chocolate-topped chocolate cupcakes! November babies are chocolate cupcakes. This month’s cupcake is a brownie-like cake with a super creamy, but not sweet frosting. So, I’ll tell you a little secret – chocolate cake is way down on my list of favorite cakes. But I liked these. It has to do with […]

Two Words: Coffee Cupcakes

Did I get your attention? 🙂 I know there are a few rare writers/bloggers/people in this world that actually don’t like coffee. BUT I think even you might like the toned-down version of these cupcakes. To get the rich coffee flavor, use brewed espresso. For a light coffee flavor, use double strength regular coffee. Coffee lovers will […]

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