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Illustrated Jelly

Jellyfish turned out to be more complex to illustrate than I thought they would be. Their translucent quality threw me off at first. The simpler the object appears the harder it is to render in any medium. It’s easier to see flaws whereas when something is complex our eyes get caught up in the layering […]

Poised and Patient

Poised like a statue, this heron patiently waited until a little fish swam right up to its beak. Like lightening, it struck the water. Victory in hand, or beak rather, it gulped down its prize. Are you that patient? I have some patience, but I could never stand that still for that long. I have […]

Lookie what I stumbled upon.

I don’t know what I like better: the sweet sleeping gosling on the left with its head tucked in, the freaky three-headed (okay one head and two stubby wings) gosling in the middle, or the fluffy pile ‘o goslings on the right. Almost back to a place with Internet connection… photo by me!

H.R. Sinclair © 2016
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