A Writers Guide to Crystals and Gemstones

gemstonesThis is an online guide about rocks, gemstones, and crystals. Posts include a little bit of technical information, variations, history, lore, and the metaphysical properties. I’ve also included how to discharge and recharge a gem’s energy.

I’m a rockhound. I collect rocks. The color, texture, striations – you name it, I love it. The lore and mythology associated with stones is equally fascinating. These posts are for stone enthusiasts like me. It’s also for writers. Whether you’re working on a fantasy novel or writing a new age character, I hope this information comes in handy.

The first few posts are about ways to use stones and definitions. Following that is a list of gems for you to choose from.

A Writers Guide to Using Crystals and Gemstones
information on the different ways to impart a stone’s energies

Organic Gemstones and Other Interesting Classifications
definitions of organic, non-crystalline, precious, colored, and water stones

Stones for Writers
lists stones that are helpful for writers

The Stones

This series started as part of Arlee’s April A-Z Blogfest Challenge (2011), twenty-six days of posts, each one beginning with a letter of the alphabet. It was popular enough that I add a new gem every now and then.


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