Works in Progress

bluepenRather than call everything WIP I and WIP II, etc., I have given them all nicknames. Exciting, yes?

greyThe Grey Series
Urban Fantasy: set in a (fictional) New England town
A California gardener wants to sell her newly inherited brownstone, but the building and its ghost have other plans.
status book 1: completed – read about journey; status book 2: drafting

blackThe Black Series
Urban Fantasy: set in 1917 Boston
status book 1: plotting – read about the journey

blueThe Blue Book
Urban Fantasy: set in Burbank, California
status: writing first draft – read about the journey

whiteThe White Book
Urban Fantasy Chapter Book for 2nd-4th graders
An urgent note sends a frightened ghost on an adventure through monster territory.

status: with beta readers

redThe Red Book
Children’s Picture Book for Christmas
status: almost done, but in a holding pattern circling around my head


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