London Bridge

London BridgeThe London Bridge falling down was the first sign of the invasion. Big Ben toppling over was the second. But it wasn’t until the flock of giant geese appeared in the sky that people began to panic. Some screamed and ran, some jumped in the Thames (like that would save them) and some simply stood and pointed.

Fortunately, The Underground had been preparing for years.

Jack and Jill ran up the hill to the armory.

Jack Horner emerged from the corner loading an uzi.

Little Miss Muffet got off her tuffet swinging a two-sided ax.

Jack Sprat flipped over the top off his veggie cart revealing a control panel; his wife came out of the bakery with bomb-carrying drones.

Peter Piper picked a peck of hand grenades and passed them off to the woodchuck.

Three men in a tub sailed down the river with rocket launchers.

The first casualty was Humpty Dumpty. (We probably should have seen that one coming.)

The first goose downed took out Drury Lane.

After the first wave, the dish deserted with the spoon.

The house that Jack built, the stronghold, crumbled in the second wave.

Despite efforts, the invaders were winning.

The Old Woman went as emissary to negotiate surrender.

Their terms: Who really killed Cock Robin?

Originally published on Quantum Fairy Tales.

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