Lights Out

The lights finally clicked off. Me and ten of my closest friends ventured out from the cracks and crevices in the wall in search of food. Some went for the dog bowl. Sure, the food was good, but you could never be certain you’d find any scraps. I headed for the space right in front of the stove. I knew I’d find a smorgasbord of treats waiting for me.

I was right.

While nibbling on breadcrumbs, crumbled pecans, and a chunk of kidney bean, I scanned the terrain. Others had followed me and now canvassed the area. A glob of apricot jelly stood like a mountain of gold off to my left. I darted over to lay claim to my discovery. Turning sideways to protect my treasure, my body created a barrier between would-be thieves and my delicious goo.

The efforts to conceal my bounty distracted me. I failed to notice the lights flick back on. My brethren began screaming and running willy-nilly. Panic hit me when a gigantic foot thumped down near me. A comrade fallen.

The foot launched itself towards me. I ran like fire on a windy day – fast and furious. The foot slammed down behind me.

“Ha, Ha,” I taunted, “You missed me, you miss─”

Originally published on A Long Story Short

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Updated: August 26, 2017 — 6:08 pm

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