Published Works

My short stories and flash fiction pieces have been published in print and/or in ezines. All are available to read free. For your reference, my short stories are between 500-2,000 words, and my flash fiction is under 500 words.


bullet Hannah’s Fate

—–Bards and Sages Quarterly, Google Books, paranormal, ⇝ read on H.R. Sinclair ⇜
—–“Hannah sat on her gravestone twiddling her thumbs…”

bullet The Misadventures of a Famous Bear’s, Less-famous Older Brother, Hans

—–Drunk Monkeys, contemporary/humor/parody, ⇝ read on H.R. Sinclair ⇜
—–“One day, long, long ago, last Tuesday to be exact, the Bear brothers walked down the bramble path…”


bullet London Bridge

—–Quantum Fairy Tales, fantasy/humor/nursery rhymes, ⇝ read on H.R. Sinclair ⇜
—–“The London Bridge falling down was the first sign of the invasion. Big Ben toppling over was the second…”

bullet Lights Out

—–A Long Story Short, contemporary/humor, ⇝ read on H.R. Sinclair ⇜
—–“The lights finally clicked off. Me and ten of my closest friends ventured out from the cracks and crevices…”

bullet The Hidden

—–Flashes in the Dark, thriller/horror,  ⇝ read on H.R. Sinclair ⇜
—–“Lightning cracks, sending an electric pulse through me. It’s getting closer, almost here. The wall seeps…”

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