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Deep in the forest…

I wanted to create a mysterious, magical setting and still keep it within the realm of reality. I considered blue mushrooms but decided the contrast between red fungi and a green-blue background would make them pop. I added Spanish moss growing on a log in the background. I mean, what creates more mystery in a setting like this than Spanish moss? […]

Love and the Cappuccino

Click on the illustration to see this cup ‘o love on fun products in my zazzle shop. I decided to make a lighthearted illustration for Valentine’s Day. I needed some fun and whimsy (blizzard after blizzard can do that.) So, here is my Cappuccino Heart. I like it so much I’m going to create one […]

The Medieval Amaryllis

This month’s illustration is a spectacular winter bulb grown indoors for the holidays and winter. As beautiful as these blooms are, when reading up on them, I found the origin of its genus name (hippeastrum) even more interesting. The naming is not definitive, but it’s believed to be named hippeastrum (Greek for “horseman’s star”) because […]

Stinky Swamp Cabbage

My November’s Illustration These hooded flowers have the creep factor nailed from looks to smell. They are this month’s featured illustration. Symplocarpus foetidus is known by many names: Skunk Cabbage, Clumpfoot Cabbage, Meadow Cabbage, Polecat Weed, and Swamp Cabbage. It is a stinky, smelly plant that grows in the wetlands in North America and parts […]

Holy Flower, Batman

My October flower illustration. It’s a bat flower! The Tacca chantrieri’s common name comes from the fact it looks like a bat’s face or a bat in flight. Coloring varies from maroon to brown to black, but there is also a white species. The flowers have long whiskers trailing downward from the center. That doesn’t seem bat-like […]

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