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Summertime Pleasures: Fruit Spritzers

These are probably the most refreshing summer beverages for me. A spritzer is usually made with white wine and carbonated water or sparkling mineral water. I include all carbonated beverages, though I wouldn’t use both wine and ginger ale together…or would I? (If using ginger ale or lemon lime soda, watch your proportions so it doesn’t […]

Summertime Pleasures: Iced Tea

It’s coming! Summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and with it comes pitchers of iced tea. Yes, water is the best, blah, blah, blah, but flavored water changes things up. So, let’s talk tea. Making iced tea is easy, right? Boil water, add tea, steep, strain, chill. True, but there are a few tricks to make […]

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