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I like having guest posts here and doing interviews, but I’m nitpicky. Guest posts must be related to the fantasy genre or writing while interviews are for fantasy (a large umbrella) authors or my blogging buddies. More details below.

Contact me with the date you’d like to post. A month’s notice is preferred, more is better for interviews.

podiumGuest Posts

  • Post should follow all the usual guidelines for a post (you know, catchy title, shorter paragraphs, white space, etc.) Ah, let’s say 500-1500 words? No hard line there.
  • If you have an image for the post that’s great, but you must include the information about the image at the end of the post. For example: image from Pete via Wikipedia (with a link to the site) or image made by “me” (your name). No animiated images.

Author Interviews

  • interviewSend me an image of your book or books. Please note that it will be added to the interview logo for the post.
  • Include buy links for your book. These can be added last minute, so don’t fret if you don’t have them right now.
  • Send me an image of you or your avatar. I will make a mini-you for the interview.

General Stuff for Both

  • Include a brief bio, the 40 word version.
  • You may provide links for your website, blog, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon author page. I won’t link to sites that require registration in order to see the content like Facebook and Pinterest because they annoy me.
  • Register for a Gravatar account. Why? So when you comment your avatar shows up next to your name. It’s free and part of
  • Speaking of commenting, visit the day of your post so you can reply to questions and comments.
  • Please note that I will reduce book cover/image sizes to a height of 400 and to a resolution of 72 dpi (standard dpi for Web images). This is to reduce loading time and server bandwidth.


I reserve the right to decline if we are not a good fit for each other.


I reserve the right to add to and mess with my terms as I see fit.


I don’t post during April, August, or December.

images created by me

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