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My other creative endeavors.


I love all types of art and all types of media. Art generated with a drawing tablet and a computer is my current passion.

Some Old Projects
Valentine Cappuccino

Valentine Cappuccino

A series for coffee and holiday lovers called Cappuccino Holidays.

Parrot Tulip

Parrot Tulip

Real, but unusual, flowers for each month.

Sea Anemones and Clownfish

Sea Anemones and Clownfish

My Private Reef
This is a section from a larger piece.
Look for the clown fish and zebra eel hiding in the sea anemones.


Over the last few of years, I have become passionate about photography. I enjoy taking pictures that show a glimpse of a moment in time. I opened a gallery at Zazzle to showcase my photographs. Prints, cards, mugs, and stamps are available for purchase.

My Photography

My Photography

See more photographs and illustrations at my Zazzle gallery 1000 Words and on my site.

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