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Blogging away in 2018

Tell me you didn’t see this post coming! devil smiley

Every year, posts pop up about how blogging is dead or dying. Not gonna happen. I believe it’s here for the long haul. It’s the only social media outlet where length and content have no restrictions. Like everything it ebbs and flows.

Here’s what Anne R. Allen has to say about it: “You can reach more readers with one blogpost than with months of those painfully ill-attended ‘signings’ or those $1000-a-pop book fair booths.” Read what else she says.

What Blogging Needs

Before I get into what the experts think will happen, this is what I think needs to happen.

  • Commenting needs to streamline. I’d like more places use Gravatar—one stop sign in. (I don’t have a Google+ [yet, maybe never] or Disqus account [never will], so I don’t comment on blogs that use those.)
  • I’d like to see a better way for commenters to track replies to their comments. Blogger’s “notify me” is easily missed and the wording sucks (in my opinion), and at one time, it subscribed to the post not your own comment. I don’t know if that is still the case because I stopped doing it (anyone?). does a good job, but it’s not built into More often than not, one comments and moves on. It’s simply too hard to return to all the blogs to see if there was a reply.

To combat that here, I’m testing a plugin that allows you to be notified of replies to your comment via email. Let me know how it works for you! (This is a hard one to test by myself.) Note: I have it set to checked, so you don’t need to do anything, you will be notified of a reply. Don’t wanna know? Uncheck it. Does that make is easier?

  • I’d like to see more ways and better ways to organize blog hops.

And Now for THE Trends in Blogging

so say the experts

Video Blogging aka Vlogging

It’s been growing and will continue to go in popularity this year. What I gather: people like the one on one experience. It makes it more personal. It’s easier than writing, and “typos” in speech are forgiven. Personally, I’m not a fan. What?! Why? It takes longer to watch video that to read the transcript. —And by the way, I feel a transcript should be included on the post (like K.M. Weiland does on her blog). Side note: I hate the word vlogging.

Live Streaming

So, I think this goes hand in hand with videos in terms of why people like it. However, live streaming allows for more immediate interaction when paired with something like Twitter. Live streaming is supposed to be super big this year.

Quality over Quantity

In my opinion, this should always be the goal. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, blogs take time to read and reply to, so I want something…more. Remember five years back when shorter posts were in (500 words or less)? Now, longer posts are hip, not an 8,000 word monster essay though. Apparently, if people take the time to read a blog, they want meaty content—just not every day. (In case you’re interested, this post is 673 words, the last one was 742, and the one before that 1,003.)

Landing Pages are In

A landing page is a homepage, which makes a blog look like a regular website. This might be so people can get a better feel for the site and what it offers. It’s also thought to make your place look more professional. I use a landing page here. See my post on creating a landing page on WordPress and Blogger.

Sharing over Commenting

‘Commenting on blogs is declining. They are being replaced by sharing and liking.’ I did see a decline in comments last year, but no increase in sharing, but who knows what 2018 will bring. Either way, make sure you have added sharing buttons to your blog posts.

What would you like to see happen in the blogging world?

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  1. I do prefer the landing page to be the actual blog. IWSG members complain if they click on a link and it doesn't go straight to the blog posts. (And I go back in Linky Tools and change those that don't.)
    Several years ago I switched to less frequent posting and my posts are usually jammed with content. Actually, I probably went to less because they were so jammed!
    No video blogging for me though. Must maintain the Ninja.

    1. I think landing pages are for an author's readers. You did get me thinking. I mentioned wanting a better way for blog hops, have a 'hop feed' would be so helpful. That way one wouldn't have to click back and forth to the link list and they'd have the post front and center.

      I don't see video blogging in the near future for me either. 😉

  2. I don't know what's going on with Blogger and the whole comment thing. I wondered if they just stopped putting into it because they felt it was time to pull the plug, only instead of pulling the plug, they make the comments sooooo painfully slow to publish, that people give up.

    I dunno. I really don't.

    Blogging dying? I cannot say for anyone else but for me, I blog less, I read less blogs. And I'm only subbed to a small handful now of just the people that I really, really want to stay in touch and enjoy reading.

    Hahaha on hating the word, vlog. That's how I used to be with the word blog. But now I love them both and vlogging is so much fun to do.

    Live Streaming they started pushing that on us creators last year but I've not done it. I do like that Twitter and Instagram made video times longer for regular videos.

    What I'd love to see …

    Instagram: Allow for 5 minute videos.
    Blogger: Fix the comment problem.
    YouTube: Allow for ALL accounts to take advantage of the new commenting program.
    G+: Allow for the custom url even if a persons owns it on YouTube and G+

    That's my wish list for the day.

    1. I was just commenting–or trying to comment, on your blog and the "network timed out." I'd like to see G+ streamline setting up an account and not have everything set to public. 😠

      1. I have my settings turned off on G+ but I hear what you're saying.
        Not everything has to be connected to everything. 100 percent agree.

        1. It should be turned off on their end from the start. We shouldn't have to go in and turn it all off. I was chatting with Anne R. Allen who said that it use to be easy to set up a G+ account.

          1. G+ has been easy for me on the desktop. Just went into settings and zero problems with settings. But if I want to use my mobile device, google wanted me to sign up fir a different kind of google account and with that thing, everything was connected to everything.

            But I've been using g+ for years and Tim even longer than that. Zero problems with defaults. Which is good bc we both enjoy g+ a great deal.

          2. PS: I didn't bother doing the mobile device one because desktop works great. So I have no idea how hard it is to go into those settings unclick. But on the desktop, g+ is super easy to use.

            Not sure if you are gonna give it a go or not but it is great fun.

  3. I really don't know how people keep saying blogging is dead. I see a lot of blogs about. I've seen a few people try vlogging on their blogs but I'm not a fan of it. Most times people make long vlogs and it's easier and faster just to read a blog and comment than it is to watch someone's vlog especially if they ramble which a lot of people do. When ever someone does a "Blog Etiquette" type post the things I see on there the most if comment on someone's blog if they take the time to comment on yours. I agree. Sharing is nice but I would rather see a comment.

    I would like to see Blogger fix the commenting problem they're having right now. Seems to take forever to publish a comment.

    1. I think people see their comments drop and immediately think, "blogs are dead." –Oh yes, the rambling. That's edited out when you write (mostly LOL), so are the um's and uh's. We need a good saying… Sharing is caring but leaving a comment and add your 2-cents … ???

  4. Comments might drop, but if visits are still up, then all is well.

    After blogging for almost 12 years now, I've seen it morph and grow and wax and wane. Everyone will just need to adapt but it's certainly not dying. Video posts work if they aren't too long.

    1. Length is key in vlogs. I was just talking (like just this second) with someone about that very thing. Short I can do.

      People always forget about their overall stats. In the last 14 days, my old 1917 fashion post has have over 100 hits, but when it posted, it received 18 (I think) comments.

  5. I don't really watch vlogs. And if I did watch one, it would have to be something I'm really interested in. I think blogging is alive and well. I cut back to mostly IWSG posts because of the time suck. But I do like to keep in touch with other writers, and the IWSG monthly post is a good way to do it.

    1. Several writers I follow have cut back to once a month IWSG posts. The last couple of years have been hard on most everyone, so cutting back on time-suckers is the way to go.

      1. Your email reply worked great!

        1. Thanks for letting me know. 😁

  6. So I was trending with my long posts when everyone was doing short posts? YES! lol Funny enough, now my posts are getting a little shorter. 😛 Probably because they aren't so heavy on the tips as they used to be.

    I use a landing page on my website, which I created with WordPress, and then have a page for my blog that'll bring visitors to Write with Fey. But on my actual blog I have only the most recent post visible. I think that instead of having a bunch.

    I guess you could call what I do on my YouTube channel as vlogging. For the ones where I provide marketing tips, etc., I provided a link to my blog where I had discussed those tips. Otherwise, how do I get a transcript? lol I'm pretty new to YouTube. 😛

    1. This is going to sound like I'm crazy, but I don't think YouTube videos need transcripts. Maybe because when I got there, I go to watch. Blogs with videos is where I like the transcripts. I don't know how to do the transcripts, but I've seen YouTube videos out there they explain how to do 'em.

  7. I used to blog three times per week, then two and now only one. I don't listen to the video blogs and probably would never do one. The only podcasts I've been on is when I'm being interviewed by someone else. I think blogging will be around for a long while also.

    1. When I first started, I did three times a week too. Now, it's once a week or bimonthly. When first starting a blog, three times might be beneficial in terms of getting into search engines and attracting people, but one still has to decide if it's doable.

  8. After blogging for nearly 9 years, I've observed some changes too. Many friends have stopped blogging due to their schedules. I've wondered if there's some way to streamline the whole process, but I've too been busy with blogging and life to figure what might work. lol I'm with you on the shorter posts (although I just did a longer one!). There's only so much time to get around, read, and comment. Good things to consider. Hope 2018 is treating you well so far. Have a good weekend!

    1. Life does take up a lot of time, doesn't it. 😁 I will never know what really works in the blogging world. Vlogging may be big, but not with the people commenting here! And posts may or may not interest someone, or the people it might interest are taking time away. But I enjoy it, so I'll get doing it.

  9. Thanks much for the shout-out! I agree 100% on "vlogs". Don't like the word and don't have the time.

  10. I do think we'll see more vlogs popping up, but I don't like them. For one, if you don't have unlimited internet, then vlogs take up a lot of bytes to watch. For two, I tend to check blogs during work, so I don't have access to listening to the vlog. If there is a transcript, then I'm more than likely to read through it.

    1. That's a good point about access and bandwidth!

  11. I've considered doing videos on many occasions, but then I always come to the dilemma of not knowing what it is I'd actually do a video about. I mean, my life is rather uninteresting compared to the rest of the world.

    Admittedly, I don't have much time for watching videos either, especially since I'm like Cherie and do most of my blog-checking while at work. I could listen to them, but then they lack the effect of actually watching what's going on.

    I have a couple of checkboxes on my blog about notifying people, though I haven't really tested them to see if they work or not. Huh.

    1. Yeah, a podcast I can listen to, but video almost always needs the visual component to be cohesive. I haven't noticed the checkboxes before. I'll look and and test for ya!

  12. With time being such a limited commodity I want to find a current blog post with ease. If I have to search for posts or jump through hoops to comment then I become more frustrated. I've been cutting back on blogging to reassess what I want to do with it and where I'd like to be with my own blogging. In the past I've spend great parts of my days with blogging activities that haven't seem to helped my productivity in other aspects of my life. Balance is needed. Blogging is not dead, but I think many of us who have been blogging avidly for a while are cutting back in order to accomplish other things.

    Now, if things became more financially practical with my blogging then I might take another look at it.

    <a href="">Tossing It Out</a>

  13. They're always claiming something is dying when it's really not. Maybe they're just bored and needed to write about something. lol

  14. It is not dying it is already dead 🙂 At least on Blogger. Sometimes I have a feeling 90% of old bloggers have disappeared, it is really nostalgic when I come upon an old post and see all the people who are no longer active.
    Blogger hasn't changed anything in years, no upgrades, nothing to ease writing and commenting, it is very dated. Only a few of us warriors remain on the battlefield!

    1. Blogger is having so many issues, it's very frustrating. Comments are timing out, and this has been happening for a while.

  15. I agree with you about vlogging. I rarely watch any videos. It just takes too long. I do share more, but I also try to comment just as often. I've found with my blog, it's more authors who comment rather than readers. I'm posting less this year too. I still think blogging is an important tool, but not frequent postings as once was popular.

  16. Videos take too much time, so I usually skip them. I like blogs that actually have something to say or are visual treats. I hate reading long posts of other people's writing. Sorry, but I don't want to edit online or exclaim about the greatness of their prose. I enjoy blogging, but so many bloggers I used to exchange ideas with seldom post. It's time consuming, so I understand. I'll blog as long as I enjoy it, but I do plan to take longer and more frequent breaks.

    1. I agree with you on the editing and exclaiming. 😉 And, I too will blog as long as it's enjoyable to me; I won't force it. I also don't have a schedule for posting. It happens when I feel chatty. LOL

      1. Well, I enjoy stopping in when you're in a chatty mood. That schedule works for me.

  17. I don't watch live streams or vlogs, because I don't have the attention span. Also, I'm usually doing blog visits while on hold at work or while watching TV in the evening, so having something I have to have sound on isn't going to work. I know people really like visuals and shorter stuff these days, though.

  18. I want to vlog but every time I sit down to do it, I get camera shy (LEGIT CAMERA SHY) and I decide to do something else. I think it stems from that time I froze during my monologue in Acting class. Thanks for keeping us up on the trends! And yeah, totally, quantity over quality!

  19. Thanks Holly – excellent post. Really sensible and down to earth … persist and engage. I agree I'm not fond of vlogs – and rarely watch … but I do love the way we can interact with blogging friends around the world … and I learn so much – take care and thanks for this – cheers Hilary

    1. Interacting with so many people from around the world is the best!

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