The End is Nigh: 2017 is Almost Over

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Awesome writing by me!

This is “the end of the year post” where one whines about all the stuff they didn’t get done—I mean where they update the world on their progress.

. . . updates coming . . .

It’s been a long year and a half. Next year, will not be much easier but it will be better. (Don’t let me down 2018). Most of that is boring stuff, so I’ll give the highlights.

🌊 California Update

It’s still weird being back here. It’s sunny and warm at the end of November! Where is the sideways, icy rain I’ve come to expect? 😵 I’ve been taking advantage of my time here by strolling along the beaches and hiking in the mountains. Storage and cleaning operations have been going smoothly. I’m amazed and miffed at some of the stuff I kept and delighted with other stuff.

✍️ Writing Update

I’m still working on my middle grade book. I changed the plot (I should say added to it, but the new plot is now the primary and the old one is the secondary), which is good but makes for a lot of going back and forth to get things on track.

I have also been reworking the opening chapters in my completed urban fantasy adult book. The pacing just wasn’t hitting the mark. With help, I was able to see the problems, and I’m whipping that into shape! And since I’m doing those first chapters, I have to read through the whole thing and search out spelling/typo remnants. There is always one!

🖼️ Sidebar Update

I added fun stuff to my sidebar: my Instagram feed (now you can see my latest photos right here); my Twitter feed (now you can read the fascinating things that pop into my head).

📝 Posting Update

I will do one more post for the year: A Writer’s Guide to Mistletoe. Seasonal, yes? Wow, there’s a lot of information on this little parasite. I have to pare it down and give highlights. Then, I’ll be back next year with all the fascinating and weird trends for 2018. (I know you can’t wait.)

📣 Public Service Announcement

Take a few minutes to make sure your blog, widgets, plugins, etc. are up-to-date and still active. Make a site back up, and while you’re at it, back up your computer.

questionHow is your end of the year? Care to speculate on trends for next year? Is there a gem or plant you’d like me to research for the online guide?

beachHappy Holidays from me, Holly 🙂

images by Pixabay with text by me
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  1. Enjoy a California Christmas! Santa in a swimsuit. Wait, scratch that thought. Too late!
    Keep working on that middle grade book.

  2. Going through storage is always fun. Hard work but you find treasures.

    I need to add my Instagram feed to my blog, too.

    1. It is fun (hard too). Yes, add it. It's kinda fun.

  3. I still can't believe it's almost 2018. Good luck with your middle grade novel and the urban fantasy one!

    1. I know! This year was fast (but slow too). Thanks!

  4. Yes, good luck with the writing. I know we could all use it! I finally got back on the horse and am three chapters deep into my sequel. It's been QUITE a year. A "when it rains, it pours" kinda year……

  5. I grew up in California but have't been back in many years.

  6. Definitely comfortable weather where I am in Los Angeles. Glad to see the hot weather gone, but I can still walk outside comfortably with short sleeves.

    <a href="">Tossing It Out</a>

    1. Yes, it's really nice here. Makes me just want to be outside all day!

  7. I have to dig out my goals for the year and see how I did. I know I hit a few , but I forgot most of what I wrote, so it's going to be a nice surprise to go over them.

  8. I still can't believe it's December already! Enjoy your warm days. The sideways icy rain is in the forecast for my coming weekend. Good luck with the MG book. 🙂

    1. Sorry about the sideways icy rain! There is no hiding from it. Burrrr, stay warm. And thanks.

  9. It's sunny and warm here, too. Like still t-shirt and shorts kind of weather. Maybe all of the people moving here from California brought all of that warm weather with them.

    I like your sidebar! It's still funny to me, though, that you can have a Twitter feed directly on your site, have Twitter buttons on your post, embed Tweets in a post, and yet every once in a while when I remind people I have a Twitter they go, "Oh, really? Cool! I had no idea!"

    *face palm*

    1. It's so true. It goes to show how we skip over everything on sites.

  10. Glad you're moving ahead even with the ups and downs. Life doesn't always go the way we think it should, does it? Hope your holidays are happy! Take care. 🙂

  11. Hi Holly – yes … you're worrying me about storage – my stuff (not a lot, as I whittled it right down) that I left in storage for my return in two years or so … but so glad you're enjoying being back in the warmth and experiencing a Californian Christmas life once again … good luck with all things – and a very happy 2018 – cheers Hilary

  12. Hi Holly! I love how your blog is looking! I really must get to and do a whole new look! But time…sigh…

    Enjoy the holiday season!


  13. I’m writing this sat in bed, on a wet and windy English afternoon. I can’t imagine spending Christmas or winter somewhere warm!

    Sounds like you’ve had a great year. Thanks for the public service announcement.

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