When November Sneaks Up on You


This is one of the settings in my MG fantasy novel!

Somehow, it became November. I’m afraid to go to sleep because tomorrow it will be December. 😬 I thought up this super awesome blog post but then allergies struck (there really is no escaping them), and it slipped away into the ether. So you get this. 😁


With the move and cleaning and storage, only trace amounts of writing has been done. This month, my NaNo goal is to get back into the swing of things by writing every day (though I’m already behind do to needed house repairs). I’m working on my middle grade fantasy, which has shifted its plot since inception—it happens. The photo on this post represents one of the magical places in my story.


In my storage/sorting mission, I’ve found a bazillion photos I have to go through. I’m not looking forward to it. It’s not that I hate photos, it’s just going to be a tedious job. Once that’s done, I’d like to digitized them but that might take months. But I’m not going to worry about that now.


I wore long sleeves today. It was the first “cold spell.” It’s in quotes because I really didn’t have to wear long sleeve but I wanted too.


It’s been fun seeing what has changed and what hasn’t since I’ve been gone. One new place I found is a fantastic Cuban restaurant. Their Cubano sandwich was one of the best I’ve ever had: moist, flavorful, and the right amounts of everything. The side dish was fried plantains—also one of the best I’ve ever had.


What have you been up too? Have any tasty food?

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Updated: November 3, 2017 — 1:41 am


  1. Hi Holly – you're doing lots and it takes energy and time … but glad you're able to write some too – those plantains sound good – yes I had a crispy duck salad when out recently … still warm enough for salads – thankfully. Cheers Hilary

    1. I love a salad this time of year with bitter greens, apples, pears, and candied nuts!

  2. December comes that fast, I'm in trouble.
    NaNo and sorting – brave soul.
    I really wish colder weather would arrive and stay here…

  3. I've been good with putting our photos into albums with names and dates. (Since going to digital, I've printed far fewer and only have a couple stacks not sorted now.) However, I do remember gathering up my mother's photos when she died and sorting them. They are still have-sorted in my office closet.

    So I wish you better success!

    1. I rarely print out new photos too. There are too many photos and albums here to bring/ship back east so I'm hoping to condense and scan as much as I can.

  4. I can't believe how fast this year is going. It definitely doesn't seem like November. Good luck getting back into routinely writing.

  5. I hear you. Where are the months and years going? I just want to go to that magical place in the picture.

    <a href="http://tossingitout.blogspot.com/">Tossing It Out</a>

  6. Time…the most invisible yet biggest nemesis we can have sometimes. We enjoyed some chicken alfredo we made in our crockpot. Yum……

  7. I like this time of year because I like the cooler weather.

  8. November really did sneak up on me this year too. Didn't help it was over 100 degrees in mid October out here. @_@

    That aside, I suppose I've had some tasty food. Recently been trying to eat differently and, ironically, been eating a lot of vegetarian meals. Pretty tasty overall although I think I'd die without meat. haha

  9. Like you, I'm still trying to figure out what happened to October. Spending some time away in TN for November, which is very nice, but I think it's going to make the month go faster. Oh well. 🙂 Wishing you well with all your projects.

    1. Enjoy TN. It probably will speed up the month but time away is awesome.

  10. An allergy attack hit me out of the blue a couple of weeks ago. Exploded out of nowhere and vanished just as quickly after about a day, but it left me groggy and foggy for another day or so. Totally get the moving and storage thing, too… right down to the photos. I made it through a small portion before I realized it needed to be done in pieces. It's one of the items on my calendar for 2018. Probably for a few years after that as well. My mouth is watering over the Cuban sandwich and fried plantains. I had wonderful clam chowder in Boston 🙂

    1. Ah yes, you can find good chowders in Boston!

  11. Temps have been fluctuating the last couple of weeks. We'd hit near 80 one day, and the next, we'll have a high of 50. That's the Midwest for ya.

    Hard to believe 2017 is almost finished with. So much to do!

  12. I now rethink taking pictures when I'm out and about. "I'll have to sort these later," rings in my head. That can be one daunting chore.

    1. Yes! Though digital is okay as long as you have space. There are the old-fashioned ones that on photo paper. LOL

  13. No long sleeves for me. I have to let the guns breathe year round.
    (For anyone reading this, I'm not a douchenozzle. That's just a joke)

    I'm so jealous of that Cuban place. We used to have an authentic Cuban restaurant here, made the best Cuban sandwiches I've ever had. Now it's gone. Sometimes I think back fondly of the sandwich that could have been.

    1. That makes me so sad. Sniff.

  14. October dragged for me and I thought November would never come. Of course, I was eagerly waiting for the month because of all the things I have going on, so I suspect that was my problem.

  15. When I moved, I thought about digitizing my photos too, then decided it was too big of a job and shoved them all in a box at the back of a cupboard again. lol. Love your inspiration for the setting of your new MG. Best wishes for getting back into it.

    1. Thanks! Yes, the digitizing is a daunting task.

  16. Some months just do that. This year though I'm wanting November and December to just go away fast. I'm looking forward to January! I adore fried plantains, the sweeter the better.

    1. When prepared right, sweet plantains are heaven!

  17. I hear you on the passage of time. Where does it all go?

  18. Cut yourself some slack–household repair is important, too, as is cooking. The weather has turned cold in northern California, too, so I've transitioned to soup–my favorite winter food. Just finished a pot of ham-potato soup. 🙂

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