Hello sneezing, my old friend

Hello sneezing, my old friend
You’ve come to plague me once again
Because my vision mostly tearing
Makes it blurry and isn’t clearing
And the fog that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the spread of pollen

Now fatigued with eyes of red
Puffy too and stuffed up head
Post nasal drip and a sore throat
Constant cough, Benadryl is my last hope
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the spread of pollen…

…this attack has brought on vertigo too, not cool autumn!

I know I shouldn’t post while on Bendaryl but it takes away my sense of reason.

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  1. Hi Holly – I do hope these symptoms can ease up … take care – really unfortunate for you … sounds really ghastly … all the best – Hilary

  2. Sorry autumn gets to you like that!

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Friend sneezy can be a pain.

  4. I hope the drugs help your allergies. I've been a bit sneezy the past two weeks, too.

  5. Hope the allergies pass soon!

  6. Please post while on Benadryl more often. I loved this. I sung the whole thing to myself aloud. And then after I did that, I sneezed so hard I got a concussion on my keyboard. I agree, allergies are the worst. Off to take some Benadryl. I hope the songwriting bug strikes, rather than all of these allergy related ones.

  7. You've certainly got that tune stuck in my head. Not to mention I also have that crappy sneezing, icky feeling. It's horrible . It's the kind with the runny nose and stopped up nose . You're like make up you're damn mind please. At least you can write lyrics, I just shout profanities . Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

    Melissa @
    <a href="http://melissasugarwrites.com/">Sugar Crime Scene</a>

    1. Sorry to hear you are cursed too.

  8. Uh oh, it's that time of year again! I used to have hay fever so badly in the fall when I lived in Illinois. Once I moved West, it went away. So grateful for that because it's a torment.

    1. Nice! I had them in the East but coming back here to the West, messed me up–but I have been in dusty, probably moldy areas digging through storage. So, I can't be too shocked by the bad allergy attack. (Yet, I am.)

  9. Benadryl just makes me tired, so no chance of me writing a poetic post about allergies. LOL

  10. Ten on ten for creativity!! 🙂

    I was singing along to The Sounds Of Silence…love that piece!
    But I also had a little chuckle at your lyrics…so fitting!
    Hope you're feeling better, Holly.

  11. It is the sound of sneezing! Great poem. Sorry the inspiration has to be so… *achoo!*

  12. Hahahahaha. You're so funny. Sorry about the blech. Poem great, though.

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