Signing Off for the Year with One Last Tip

hot chocolate

Join me for cocoa and donuts as we settle into the end of 2016.

Short and sweet today. I’m taking the rest of the year off from blogging. In about a week, I’ll close down the comments. Along with my redesign, I have to do some behind the scenes stuff*.

Final Tip

Periodically check your links and the pages they lead to.

While prepping for the site changes, I checked links and sites. Well, I discovered an ezine that published one of my pieces did a redesign of their own. Not only did the URL change, but also my author credit was missing. (They were quick to correct it.) I also discovered the ezine that published The Hidden is off the Internet. I decided to republish it here on its own page.

And One Extra Final Tip for WordPress Users

Check your plugins. During my testing, I added my plugins here to my test site to check compatibilities. I found out one of the plugins was deprecated. Not only that, but posts had just gone up about possible scripting problems creating security holes. YIKES! I pulled it immediately, then searched out a new plugin. (It’s the one that allows me to put the latest blog posts on my homepage.) Be sure to check your plugins, just look ’em up in the repository. Now, I’m adding that to my yearly checklist.

Other News

I’m trying to update my Goodreads account. I’ve been terribly neglectful of it.

  • First, I managed to make more than one account overtime. So, I’m merging/deleting. Gah! I’m such a dummy!
  • Second, my World Cuisine Cookbook made it onto a Best Ethnic Cookbooks list. Wowzers. Cool. If you read and liked the book feel free to vote for it, it’s #58. I don’t really know what that does (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?), but it’s looks like something that should be done. 😍


May your holidays be warm and toasty like a campfire marshmallow!

*For my techie friends: I’m moving this site from add-on domain status to primary domain status. I haven’t done it before, and I’m hoping it goes smoothly.

Added note: I updated my design early. It was nicely distracting. If you missed it, see this post on what’s happening.

cocoa and cookies from
toasted marshmallow by Per Olesen, flickr
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  1. I need to check my links.
    Merry Christmas, Holly!

  2. Hi Holly – clicked and voted for your book … while your newsletter … I just want to subscribe not give my details to Yahoo … so haven't done that – I think I tried before …

    But have a great Christmas and New Year … cheers Hilary

  3. Good luck with all of your updating. I'm going to be trying the same in December. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!
    Oh, and congrats on the cookbook!! Hope it keeps moving up the list.

  4. Good luck with your updating, Holly. Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy Holidays! Now off to vote for your cookbook. See ya in January.

  5. Thanks for the tip. I need these kinds of reminders.

  6. Checking links is definitely a good idea–something I don't do nearly enough.

    Have a great December!

    Arlee Bird
    <a href="">Tossing It Out</a>

  7. Just the idea of updating the blog gives me nightmares. I've got 8 years in that blog. There's so much there, it would be like moving a whole house. Here, you probably need some cheese after all this transition.

  8. I actually have a plug-in that checks my links for me and emails me if any are broken. But I think it only does it on posts, not pages, because it missed when I republished This World Bites and took the old one down. Guess that wouldn't have helped you much, huh? Anyways, I like the new theme and I hope everything with the family illnesses and emergencies have resolved themselves.

  9. Good tips! Checking on one of my stories led me to their announcement that they were shutting down. But I don't check enough. Also, update bios!

    1. Yes! Excellent advice. We should start a list of yearly author updates.

  10. Happy Holidays! Love that cup and sweets! Baby blue always evokes happiness

  11. Checking your links and the pages is so important. This is forgotten all too often. I know I'm guilty of it too.

  12. I hope you enjoyed your holiday.
    Important tips. A lot of time had passed before I realized one of my plugins didn't work.

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