Fall Hath Cometh and It Brought Questions

Autumn is here!

Autumn is here!

Hooray, autumn has arrived. The leaves aren’t turning yet, but the weather is cooling down and the evenings are beautiful. (And a whole new set of allergens have blown into town.) ‘Tis one of my four favorite seasons! Are you ready for apple ciders and pumpkin scones?

What do you think of Author Newsletters | Mailing List?

I see every so often that “we” (writers) need one (I have one). What I’m curious about is what you like to see or not see in the mailings. For me, I sign up to get updates on their books, appearances, or “news.” I like them infrequent. I don’t need a weekly or monthly update. Does a freebie something make you more likely to sign-up?

Do you look at your old posts?

I do. Sometimes just for nostalgia, other times to see if there are typos or confusing sentences (which I fix). I also add information I stumble upon to the Writer Guide posts. For example, to the color posts, I recently added information about color phobia. Something I really didn’t think about, but, wow, wouldn’t that be a great character quirk!

glaucophobia is the fear of gray

Interested in Beta Reading?

I’m looking for a couple of readers for a children’s chapter book about a ghost. It’s about 3,000 words. It was originally written for a specific person, but I’ve rewritten it for a wider audience. So, I’m especially interested in how the ending is working. If you’re interested, leave a comment or email me and I’ll send you the beginning. UPDATE: got two takers. Thanks!

Ask Me Anything

Go ahead. Ask me anything. Points for creativity. I’ll post the answers next month, unless, of course, no one asks anything. Brought to you by TheHappyWhisk (in that she inspired me to ask you to ask me questions).

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  1. How do you know so much about gemstones?
    I never got around to a newsletter, but I'm glad we have one now for the IWSG.

  2. I sign up for newsletters to keep up to update on new releases and tidbits from the author. Your book about a ghost sounds interesting (especially how it came to be). If you're still in need of a beta reader, I'd be happy to help. I do have a question, one I've pondered and would love an author's opinion. What to do with a print ARC of a book once it has been read? I sometimes share with family or friends, but would it be proper to donate an ARC to a library? I'd love to have a house just to turn into a library so I could keep every book I ever got, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. 🙂

  3. I like author newsletters – as long as they aren't hitting my inbox too frequently. Some weeks I have more time to check them out than others, and in the latter, sometimes I just delete them (and I feel bad about that). So I prefer a monthly or quarterly newsletter. I do enjoy hearing about what they've got going, what's coming up, etc. And of course I like freebies and giveaways. 🙂

  4. I'm a mailing list fan. I believe people on it are the people who are interested enough to be on a street team, leave a review and even buy your books.

    I prefer not to have a newsletter, however. I'm more into making my list a way of connecting with information and giveaways. I don't always have NEWS! 🙂

    I can take a look at your 3,000 words. I'm in between books at this very moment. Great timing.

    1. Yeah, mine is really a mailer, but there is an old stigma attached to "mailing list". I call my the Announcement Newsletter (I think.)

  5. I sign up for newsletter for news and freebies too. I prefer them infrequent, but I've noticed a lot of authors are sending out two to five a month. Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler air and sweater weather! Do you know any different and yummy ways to cook up pumpkin seeds other than with brown sugar and cinnamon?

    1. I would probably unsubscribe if they were that frequent.

  6. I used to have a newsletter for my book series. It really helped spread the word.

    I would be scared to go back 11 years to look at my old posts. LOL

  7. Ohhhh, so fun. Not the allergies. Those suck wet monkey balls.

    I love to read fiction for kids. I know I've been rubbish at reading fiction these days but I just asked Tim if he would read it outloud before bed. It's what he does. I love it.

    Anyway, if that is cool with you, yes, sign us up.

    Now .. rubs hands together and smiles an evil grin …. question time. Hmmmm …

    I got it. Ready?

    What's your least favorite colour?
    Do you have a lucky number, if so what number?
    Where do you like to write?
    What is your biggest writing fear?

  8. Hi Holly – well you've a few fun answers here … the questions will keep you occupied for a while! Good luck with the book and beta readers – I see you've got two here. I think I'll decide on newsletters or mailing lists once I devise my own …

    Apples and caramel … Fall's earthy aromas … lots of good times ahead … I love baked apples with dried fruits, honey, small amount of butter with custard or cream … a hearty warming dish.

    I'll look forward to your answers … cheers Hilary

  9. Ah, it's spring here Holly. The weather is glorious…not too hot for a few weeks, then summer is another story. Oh, Hilary…apples and caramel. Well, i could eat those now.

    Hope you get your beta readers…

    When did your interest in gemstones and plants start?

    Denise 🙂

  10. No fall for me either. Florida doesn't get fall, but that doesn't mean we've opted out of pumpkin scones and cider. Oh no! I'm getting my fill this season.

    Newsletters really should revolve around you. Mind include an uplifting thought, a giveaway, news, and book reviews. Always. I am so grateful for my subscribers that I want them to know it every time I send word. Now sometimes that giveaway is as simple as a chapter of my upcoming book. Sometimes it's a raffle for a gift card. I only send newsletters about once every two to six months. Maybe that's not the best practice, but it's how I roll.

  11. I usually scan the newsletters to which I've subscribed, but rarely read in depth unless something really jumps out at me. I get too much in my mailbox as it is and don't like getting too much more. I'd rather newsletter releases be kept to a minimum.

    Read old blog posts? Not usually though participating in the Flashback Friday posts makes me go back and read some of them. I fix errors if I catch them–mostly any bad links.

    Arlee Bird
    <a href="http://tossingitout.blogspot.com/">Tossing It Out</a>

  12. I have a newsletter that I started but haven't kept up with . . . I think I might put out a fall update, one of these days.
    I do read my old posts, but not very often. I probably should more.

  13. Like Tyrean said, I have a newsletter (with 13 subscribers) and I've never sent out a thing. I did it because I wanted to follow the other lemmings searching for writerly fame & fortune. But I think you #1 have to like doing it and #2 have to have 4-5 books out along with short stories and novellas to offer as freebies, which is what people really want. I sign up for a ton of newsletters if it'll get me a free book! Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Oh Lexa, this made me smile!

  14. I've signed up for a few newsletters. I get some that keep me up to date on an author I enjoy, some discuss the craft of writing, some are less structured. If I get a newsletter in my inbox and I can't remember why or who remember who it's from, I feel a little weird about that. If an author posts newsletters so infrequently that I'm scratching my head trying to remember what they wrote…there's a problem.

    All that being said, I have a newly minted newsletter of my own. Not because conventional wisdom says authors should have one, but because I want a more personal way to connect with my readers. Because I am, first and foremost a reader, and I appreciate a well-crafted, seemingly-personal bit of news from my favorite authors. Also, I think there's a small neighborhood of those who write in a similar vein to myself. This translates to a very small pool to swim in for our readers. Write what you want to read applies to newsletters as well as fiction.

    1. Good points here. I think I might be one of the newsletters where you'd be scratching your head. :p

  15. I enjoy newsletters, it's a way to keep up with your favorite authors, although sometimes for an author with no newsletter it can be intimidating. Like, why the hell aren't I doing that! 🙂

    A question? Hmm…
    What, if anything about your writing life would you change and why?
    Besides writing and cooking what is another creative outlet that you enjoy?
    You have one wish, personal, affecting only your life. What would it be?

  16. I'm signed up to a few now, so infrequent is better. That would be my route if I started one. I don't tend to have major news on a monthly basis!

    Hmm, a question…

    What is your favourite book featuring a gemstone (or item of jewellery with one, etc) as a central plot point/item?

  17. I have been a newsletter holdout, mostly because I'm not a fan and I only subscribe to a few. But I'm going to finally give in and start my own. I'd planned for that to happen this fall, but I'm running behind schedule. I hate to think about the mechanics of it all, but I guess I will. I'm sure once it's up and running I'll be fine with it.

  18. I've signed up for a few newsletters. However, I prefer them to not be too frequent with the emails.

  19. I really enjoyed hearing all the comments about newsletters because I have one and wasn't sure if I should keep going with it – i'm doing it right (quarterly & not too long) I just have to be more available to new subscribers! and add a giveaway!


    1. Quarterly sounds optimal.

  20. HI Holly,

    Gorgeous pic.. I love fall, too. But the allergies kick my *ss. Finally cooling off in Chicago. Summer returned this week, but the temps just dropped to a lovely level now… YAY!

    I'd like to know what interested you in gemstones, too.

    1. It's cooling off here too. I'm sorry about the allergies. I know how much they suck.

  21. I love, love love fall!

    To be honest, I don't have time to read newsletters. I've ended up on a few mail lists (somehow), but when the newsletters arrive, I delete them. I'd unsubscribe, but I hope one day I'll have more free time. 🙂

    I occasionally read my old posts – usually when I’m re-addressing a topic I’ve already blogged about in the past.

    <a href="http://vrbarkowski.wordpress.com">VR Barkowski</a>

    1. Gads, that's what I do too. I try, I sign up thinking I can handle it, but then I get too many and they are filled with ads or things I'm not interested in.

  22. I don't have a newsletter. I'm not yet published so I don't really have anything newsworthy to share. I sign up for some just so I don't lose track of authors and bloggers I like, but I don't really read them. I scan them and if something seems really interesting, I read the entire letter or click on the latest post. My inbox is already difficult to manage, so I've become much more selective when signing up. I prefer infrequent newsletters. I really don't like daily or weekly updates. I prefer to get an update when there is actual news to spread. I miss fall … in Louisiana we don't really have a change of seasons. We have really hot sizzling summers and a few weeks to a couple of months of winter.
    Okay … Questions.
    1. What is your secret hidden phobia
    2. If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would you change?

  23. I also like looking back at old posts and remembering.

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