Build a Story: Lord Tallow hadn’t left the study in days…

I’ll start off with the first line, and each person adds to the story — building off the previous reply. Be tropey. Be Weird. Be Wild. Be Creative.



Lord Tallow hadn’t left the study in days…

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Updated: June 16, 2016 — 10:04 pm


  1. .. his scrumpled damp handkerchief showing his ….

  2. … ripe perspiration while the pungent odor confirmed it.

  3. He had to get the words just right-why were they not coming to him?

  4. And then the next lines came to him. “She held the dagger overhead and brought it down in swift, precise stokes. His misery and hers would be over forever.”

  5. This line startled him and filled him with deja vu, because this indeed had happened…

  6. He lay down his pen, leaned back, enveloped in his black leather chair, and plotted his next move.

  7. Horrified by the reality of what he’d written, he recalled that dark night, the dagger glistening overhead in the candlelight as she professed her eternal love.

  8. Yes, she would love him forever. Did he join her? Tugging at the hem of his sleeve, he toyed with the idea. Some evenings he dearly missed her.

  9. He smiled, remembering her sweet smile, the brilliant blue of her eyes, and the splatter of blood on her pristine gown.

  10. his brain was too shallow, he never wrote any plays….
    Now that’s Shakespeare for you!

  11. She took his damp handkerchief … always remember those words and the story she needed to write ..

    Fun – Holly .. cheers Hilary

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