In the Snow: What happens next?

girlredhatBelow is the beginning of a scene. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me what happens next.

Post your version before you read what others wrote.


Here it is:

The girl in the red hat looked across the snowfield…

What happens next?


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  1. A large creature moved through the brush and emerged on the opposite side of the field…

  2. He stood on his hind legs and bowed to the young girl.

  3. .. was he waiting for her … she so tiny, needed his comforting hands to lead her through the cold snows …

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Something tangled in the thicket, something hurt lay on the edge of the tree line. She took a single step toward it and the creature stilled, watching her with dark eyes through pain.

  5. She spotted the woman in the golden robes hiding behind a pine tree, scrutinizing her…was the girl the chosen one?

  6. The girl in the red hat looked across the snowfield…Daddy was coming home at last.

    Now off to see what others wrote.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. …to see a large patch of blood staining the pure white surface, but there was no sign of a wounded person or animal.

  8. Was that her father lying on the ground in the slush? But she’d seen with her own eyes his black limousine as it crept along the road. He had an important appointment, he’d said.

  9. Snow greeted her tired eyes. White, dazzling snow, for miles on end. She longed for a glimpse of something else. Maybe a brown twig or green leaf. Now that would be soothing. She closed her eyes, just for a minute.

  10. The creature hovering behind her nudged her shoulder forward, its bulbulous nostrils warming her with one short huff.

  11. Sunlight glinted off fluttering fairy wings as the tiny beings darted to and fro. The girl clutched her lantern tighter. Hopefully the Snow Queen would grant her wish.

  12. and a snowball smacked her in the face. She couldn’t see who it was, but she’d bet it was that annoying Rupert Barnes.

  13. The girl in the red hat looked across the snowfield, clutching a lantern in her hand. Snow blew across the mouth of the cave, whistling and wailing. She knew she had to go in there, but she didn’t want to.

  14. She hadn’t seen snow before, except in movies and TV. The coldness of the snow couldn’t stop her from feeling the warmth of its beauty.

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