A Writers Guide to Cat’s Eye


cat’s eye or cymophane

Cat’s eye, or cymophane, is a translucent yellowish chrysoberyl that exhibits chatoyancy, a luminous streak of reflected light that’s perpendicular to the direction of the fibers. This is brought about by many parallel, featherlike fluid inclusions or needle-like inclusions of rutile. The most sought after is the milk and honey variety. It’s a honey-colored stone with a milky white light.

When the stone is cut to produce a cabochon, the mineral becomes a light-green.

Both words, chrysoberyl and cymophane, have Greek origins. Chryso is the Greek word for gold. Cymophane is derived from the Greek words for wave and appearance.

This stone is not related to beryl even though it sounds like it should be, nor is it tiger’s eye which is quartz.

History and Lore

  • Cat’s eye became popular towards the end of the Victorian era when the Duke of Connaught gave a cat’s eye ring as an engagement token.

Famous Cat’s Eye Gems

  • The Eye of The Lion: world’s largest cut cat’s eye, 465 carot dark, greenish-yellow oval cabochon from Sri Lanka
  • Maharani Cat’s Eye: a 58.19 carot honey colored gem with a sharp bank of light

Magical and Mystical Properties of include

  • helping eyesight and eye related injuries
  • calming the nervous system
  • relieving joint pain
  • relieving bronchitis and asthma
  • relieving migraines and headaches
  • relieving depression
  • strengthening bones
  • warding off the evil eye
  • warding off black magic
  • aiding with intuition and awareness
  • aiding in good judgment
  • bringing good luck
  • placed by the bed it will keep nightmares away

Cat’s eye should be worn frequently for the most effect.

Discharging & Recharging

Discharge cat’s eye after being used for healing by running water over the stone. Recharge by placing it in the sun for 30 minutes. (In stone therapy, when using stones to heal, their energy is used up, requiring the stones to be recharged.)

This is a reference for fiction writers and should not be taken as medical or spiritual advice.gemstone index

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  1. Holy cow, that’s a lot of good stuff. I like the joint pain, bit. Cool beans.

    Happy New Week 🙂

    1. Sometimes I’m tempted to see if these stones work for that stuff!

      1. I use herbs in this way to heal, so why not rocks? Who know? What if is does work?

        We have a sunny great day here today, not a snowflake in sight. Also, last night I did more research about hosting and hosting with WP. The prices are what currently bug me, so I might wait as we just made our first car payment yesterday.


  2. I recently compiled your gemstone information into a table to help me with an idea I have for a story involving earth magic. I love these posts! Now if only I can turn my disjointed ideas into an actual plot line, I’d be ready to go!

    And you better believe if this ever becomes a book, you are getting all kinds of credit/acknowledgment for inspiring me!

    1. A table would be a nice help! I’m so happy the stones are working their way into your story.

  3. Wowsers. what an amazing gemstone! And it helps with all those ailments. Let’s get me some!

    You have a great week!!

    Denise 🙂

    1. I know! Me too. I hope you have a great week too, thanks.

  4. I can see why it’s called Cat’s Eye, although the original name had nothing to do with a cat.

    1. True. It seems like the ancient world like to name everything after it’s color. :p

  5. Cat’s eyes are beautiful gems. I never realize they had so many magical and mystical properties.

    1. Me either! This was a new stone for me.

  6. Will it ward off my pet cat’s evil eye? Although it’s more of a furry eye.

    1. I don’t think so. I think it might just amplify it! 🙂

  7. Sign me up for some of that! Better eyesight. Calm nerves. I’m in. I love beautiful stones and their stories from the ancient world always fascinate me.

  8. Do you believe in its healing properties? Have you experienced the effects thereof? I’ve always wondered about that sort of stuff… Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog. I love the set up of your site! 🙂

    1. No. I think the power of suggestion that a stone helps might help though.

  9. Amazing information for this stone. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I need me something to ward off black magic! Beside my own elven powers, of course

  11. Good judgment eh? Give some cat’s eye to all the folks running our government.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host

  12. I did not know all these interesting facts. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I remember as a kid searching the shores of the Great Lakes if one found a polished or semi-polished Tigers Eye you were blessed for life. So my brother and eye bought a rock tumbler for the next best thing. I thing it worked.

    1. I tried a rock tumbler once. It cemented itself shut.

  14. Hi Holly – that’s fascinating .. I don’t think I knew there was a separate stone named ‘cat’s eye’ – that eases the eyes .. what I need right now. Take care – cheers Hilary

    1. I didn’t know either. 🙂

  15. Asthma relief and stronger bones… it sounds like my son needs this stone!

  16. I need some cat’s eye, it seems, based on what it can do. Thank you for talking about it.

  17. Fascinating. It blows my mind how superstitious people can be, but hey, if it makes them happy, right?

    1. Yup. I suspect most of these sprouted up a long time ago.

  18. Maybe I should get myself a cats eye. I used eye agate in my new book. 🙂

    1. Ooo, eye agate is so cool! I should do agate next. There are so many varieties and I think they all “do” different things.

  19. I’d love to discover it really helps with joint pain and migraines! Maybe I should give it a try. Great info for earth magic.

  20. Interesting info. I love cat’s eye. I have a ring or two of it.

  21. Hi, Holly,

    I LOVE your gem posts…. I’d certainly like a stone to wear to help with all those ailments. I should ask a close blogger friend, she’s into stones and crystals and will let me know where to get some… Will keep you posted.

    Great idea Dianne has about using stones in a book. I had thought about it a few times myself when you had posted gemology during the A-Z a few years ago….

  22. I had no idea of any of that. For some reason, I thought Cat’s Eye was a type of topaz. The info about healing powers and “charging” a stone was really cool. Thanks!

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