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Side note: 2015 is the Year of the wooden|green sheep|goat.

Side note: 2015 is the Year of the wooden|green sheep|goat.

2015. It’s here. Holy moly but did 2014 fly by. I find that a little unnerving. But enough about that old year.

It’s 2015 baby!
It just sounds like a productive year.

This year I did make writing goals. Currently, I’m developing mini goals to help obtain my yearly goals. It’s a year of planning!

smiley-writeI had heaps to write in this post (while I was out running errands), but forgot ’em all by the time I got home and started to write this.doh

Here’s a sampling of my 2015 goals:

  • write up a post on the successes, failures, ups, and downs of my blog tour — including if it generated any book sales
  • post a new personality profile (like the cupcake and genre one)
  • finish up two new flash fiction stories by the end of this month

After reading a lot of crafting books and articles (I hate the term “crafting books” by the way) on writing and platforming, I created an author logline or slogan, if you will. Maybe it will give you and new visitors insight into my writing. Maybe it will help me focus and stay on track. Hopefully, it will do both.

It is… drum roll please…“out of shadows”

Let me tell you, those three words were hard to come up with and I went back and forth with a couple of people about whether or not a “the” should be included making it “out of the shadows”. We all decided the simpler one left more to the imagination. It has several meanings…

  • out of shadows comes monsters
  • out of shadows comes the ugly in people
  • out of shadows nothing can hide

I’ve adapted my header accordingly.

Now, for the things you need to know before moving forward.

Year_of_Light_20152015 is the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies
A United Nations observance that aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and its importance to humankind.

marsalaThe 2015 Panetone Color of the Year
The past few years the colors have been much brighter, this year it’s darker, richer. It’s Marsala“Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.”

As much as Panetone’s color picks for the years and seasons influence furniture, fashion, movies, and so on, so does McCormick’s Flavor Forecast. Did you know they are credited with bringing the chipotle chile to our attention and the pumpkin spice trend?

Prepare your palate for this year’s Flavor Forecast



  • Global Spice Blends: Shawarma Spice Blend, a Middle Eastern street food favorite made with cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, and more. Japanese 7 Spice (Shichimi Togarashi), a pungent combination of chilies, sesame, orange zest, nori and more. —think Shawarma
  • Liquid Revolution: Fresh purees and juices blend with bold spices and herbs to intensify sauces, pasta, dressings, and more ̶ providing a fun, delicious way to enjoy an extra serving of fruits and veggies. –think Carrot Ginger-tini 
  • Middle Eastern Mezze: These distinctive dips and spreads, packed with zesty herbs and seasonings, offer an approachable and delicious introduction to a vibrant global cuisine. –think Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Spread
  • Sour + Salt: Combining coarse salt with surprising sours like pickled ginger, sour cherry, dried mango, and lemon zest results in a lively finishing flavor that lends brightness and texture to dishes. –think Mango Curry Lime Salt
  • Smoked Spices: Smoking spices and herbs deepens their flavor and aroma, adding richness to meals and drinks. –think Peachy Bourbon with Smoked Cinnamon Bitters
  • Cookies Reimagined: Classic spiced cookie flavors take new form in decadent, imaginative desserts that redefine “milk and cookies.” –think Gingersnap Creme Brulee
  • Flavor Worth the Wait!: Lift the lid to discover the rich flavors from recipes around the world that meld aromatic spices and comforting ingredients into mouthwatering slow-cooked meals. –think Osso Buco
  • Umami Veggies: For a fresh way to savor the tempting “fifth taste,” look no further than naturally umami-rich veggies like mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and nori. –think Mediterranean Pasta with Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Have you set goals? Are you going to run out an buy something the color of marsala? Which of the new flavors appeals to you the most?

Side note: I tried to escape the flu germs being flung at me at every turn, but I missed once and now I’m sick. I may not respond or make the rounds right away, but I will when I can. 🙂

Read more about the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies
Read more about the Color of the Year
Read more about the Flavor Forecast (with recipes)

picture of shawarma courtesy of Schellack,
postit image made by me and
color swatch by me

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  1. Last one sounds good – Mediterraneans know how to eat.
    Out of shadows! I like it.
    I’m trying something different with marketing today. We’ll see what happens over the next three months.

    1. I love the new site with the mystery!

  2. Out of the shadows come many good recipes.

    Smoked spices sounds good. The Mellow Mushroom offers a smoked vegan cheese that I would love to be able to duplicate.

    1. There are a lot of good vegan places around here, but I’ve never seen a smoked vegan cheese on the menu. Smoked anything is usually good.

  3. So, you’re saying that “out of shadows” is not the logline of a specific book, but a logline for you as an author and everything you create this year? I like that!

    1. Yeah, that’s it. They say it is all part of that branding we are suppose to do. It can change as we change as authors too.

  4. Ooh I like out of shadows… Sounds nice and mysterious…

    I hope this year will be productive! I’ve set goals but I haven’t put time limits on them.

    I think the shawarma spice blend appeals most to me, Yum!

    1. Thanks! I hope to be productive this year too – I mean I will be productive this year.;)

  5. Yes to Out of Shadows.

    Yes to Middle Eastern Mezze. Yummmm!

    No to Panetone Color of the Year. Puce?

    Oh, and yes to mini-goals. I need them a lot. Now I’m off to make a list of my own. Thanks for nudge.

    1. HA! I know they call it wine color put it’s not really winey. At their site, it looks pretty next to brick and copper though.

      1. Okay, but I’ll have to experience it in person. Maybe if I think copper or brick, I’ll be okay with it.

  6. So much to think about on that eating front, though the idea of pre-combined spice stuff has a lot of appeal. Especially where food from other places come in. I love Indian food, but thus far my only real success with it is using a spice packet, which is both cheating and more chemicals than I care for. I’d love it if a REAL think of spices had already premixed that whole masala thing…

    1. Oh yeah, a good pre-mixed exotic spice blend would be so nice.

  7. Hi Holly – Like the new header and the fact you’ve decided on your author logline – perfect: as you say you can adapt is as necessary. Sorry you’re feeling sick .. get better soon …

    Don’t like the colour at all!! However the spices and mixes – yes I enjoy the look of those .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks! So, far there are more nays than yeas on the color.

  8. My wife is not going to like the marsala color too much, but it’s a color that I’ve generally liked. I don’t foresee any of my clothes in the future trending toward this hue.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about liquid diets. Haven’t make the leap yet since there are a lot of solids I’m not ready to give up. I love spices though. I enjoy pickled ginger on certain Japanese rice dishes.


    1. Yikes, a liquid diet! I like my solids too, but there is some new drink that has all your needs in it – Soylent, really.

  9. Fantastic goals! Love your author tagline too! I’d like to update the look of my blog. I have something in mind, but I have to create it, which may take some time.

    Marsala, what a lovely color!

    1. Yeah, idea to implementation (just like books) takes time.

  10. This post is mouth-watering.

    Your new header is wonderful. Great goals, and I love the color marsala.

  11. YUM! I LOVE Mediterranean, Holly. So delicious and so healthy. What a fantastic tagline. Perfect. I’ve been working on one. All mine are rather sucky. I have some doable goals this year. I just hope all goes according to plan. Love the header. Feel better soon. Sorry about the flu. 🙁

    1. I love Mediterranean flavors too! Taglines are ridiculously hard.

  12. I’m so hungry right now. I totally blame you… Good luck in 2025!!!

  13. Marsala is such a beautiful color… like a mixture of chocolate/pink/red…

    My tagline: Writer-In-Transit – the journey never ends… is linked to the idea that the journey is ongoing… there are always new pathways/avenues to explore and new people to meet. Another point to keep in mind is that we should enjoy the journey because that’s what really matters – the destination is simply a bonus!
    The set of footprints after my tagline are reminiscent of the quote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (or a single book…)

    Hope you feel better soon, Holly! 🙂

    1. I like you description of Marsala and I love your tagline! Very cool.

  14. Wishing you the best with your goal, Miss Holly.

  15. Yeah, where did 2014 go, anyway? I guess now many of my 2014 goals are now my 2015 goals. 🙂 Better late than never, right?

    1. I know I blinked and it was over!

  16. I’m still not in 2015! I’m not in the same dimension

  17. What a power packed post. I did not know about 2015 is the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. I’ll have to follow up on that. Good luck with the fiction writing. And its good to share what worked and maybe didn;t work with a blog tour. I write about mine so other people can share with me the good and the not so good and maybe learn something they can apply.

    1. The Year of Light just sounds cool!

      Yeah, I thought sharing the blog tour stuff would be good for that reason too. Especially with how things are constantly changing in the book field.

  18. I like the new tag line. I totally got it on a first read–didn’t need the expansion. Definitely sets an ominous feel.

    I’m wishing you over the flu quickly, and best of speed on your goals. I’ve got some too, but they’re pretty laid back because who knows how life is going to change in the next couple months. Amazing. Sleepless. Fast.

    1. Awesome. And thanks, I seem to be getting better quickly. Gah, I hope I just didn’t jinx myself!

  19. I’m prepared – I love all of those foods!! And the marsala is a lovely color. 2015 must be my year! 😉

    1. Well yeah! I’m liking all the food flavors too.

  20. Middle Eastern Mezze sounds interesting to me. I’ve been testing different spices lately to make my strict diet more tasty.

    I’ve set my yearly goals, and like you I’m reevaluating each week to adjust shorter term goals. It should be a productive year.

    1. Cheers to a productive year!

      Spices are a great way to add flavor to the diet without salt, fat, …

  21. I love that you have an author slogan! That’s such a great idea. I will have to think about mine for a little while longer 🙂 I laughed when I heard the color of the year was “marsala.” I’ll always think of the dish “chicken marsala.”

    1. Oh yeah. It’s all about food this year!

  22. I didn’t realize Marsala was a color! I just thought it was wine. :\

    I like Out of Shadows, but I have to admit a few things:
    1. My mind automatically added the “the”
    2. After I realized the “the” wasn’t there, I saw a scene in my head where one monster looks into a barrel and shouts to his buddy, “Hey, we’re out of shadows.” Then his buddy shouts back, “Fine, give me a sunbeam then.”

    I hope you are feeling better!

    1. I love that! – the monster story.

      I thought Marsala was just a wine too. Shows how much I know.

  23. I love your new logline! Good job. I also like the idea of global spice blends. I like cinnamon and cumin together.

  24. Wow, you’ve completely revamped your site. I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve been here! But it looks fantastic. Happy New Year, Bear!

    1. Thanks! teehee, yeah I revamped it a few years ago when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. Although I did just move the sidebar from the right to the left side – so it may look different.

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