Foodie Blog Hop: Sunset Fishing and Campfire Pike

campfireOne of my fondest memories is fishing off a pier on a huge Alaskan lake with my dad. I was perhaps seven. We’d been fishing for a couple of hours with nothing to show for it. No one was having luck. I pooped out and put my fishing rod away. Hanging with my dad and all the other fisherman was a lot of fun.

The sun was low and brilliant oranges and yellow colored the sky. Then something nibbled my dad’s line. Slowly, so slowly, he turned the reel. The nibbler bit down and the fight to bring it in began. What came out of the water was the weirdest fish I’d ever seen – a Northern Pike. It’s long and skinny with a pointy head.

Everyone cheered for the first catch. I was so proud of my dad. The fish was huge. Enough to feed the whole family. I remember so clearly when he cleaned it too. I looked at all the stuff that came out. The anatomy fascinated me and pushed my love of science.

When we got back to the campsite it was dark. The campfire had burned down to the right size for cooking. (My mom tended the fire while we fished.) An campfire, an iron skillet, butter, salt, and pepper. That’s all it took to make the best fish I’ve ever had. This is one of my best memories of my dad. I have never had a better fish, and probably never will.

Have you ever had food cooked over a campfire? What was it?

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  1. Hi Holly – I can quite see you enjoying that time with your Dad, while you both fished, and then back at the campfire with the family and then the aroma of the cooking fish … yes fresh fish off the fire is so so delicious. Wonderful memories and you’re right those special times with your Dad and at the camp fire with your mother will remain for ever …

    I’ve definitely had trout straight from a river … don’t think I’ve done a beach bar-b-q … lovely memories .. cheers Hilary

  2. Sounds like the time with your father made the fish special. I like fresh fish, although I don’t like to fish.
    My post is up! Sorry, kept it simple.

    1. Never be sorry! Simple is always good. We (the Internets) like simple.

  3. Sounds like wonderful memories with your dad. I’d love to see an Alaskan lake. I bet it’s gorgeous.

    1. What I remember most is the sunset; it was incredible.

  4. How sweet! My grandparents were the ones who took me fishing. We usually caught trout.

    1. My very first catch was a rainbow trout.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful memory! We’ve cooked over a campfire – hot dogs and marshmallows mostly. It may not be grand but it’s always fun. I think we are about due for a campfire soon. Will pick up some marshmallows when I go shopping today! 🙂

    1. Campfire hot dogs are fantastic! the skins gets so crispy. –and there is the fun factor.

  6. Thanks for the Bloghop! I’m going to download your book today or tomorrow. Now I’m off to visit more participants.

  7. Nope, never went camping! I don’t even do barbecuing because it is so very cancerous!

  8. My father went fishing in Alaska and his team caught one of the biggest fish I’ve ever seen. We also at lots of Alaskan King Crab. Yes, I’ve been camping and cooked over a fire. Mostly hot dogs and beans though.

  9. What a sweet memory! My dad was a MAJOR outdoors high-adventure kind of guy, so I’ve probably cooked over more campfires than I can count. You know, the only fish I’ve ever had that I could handle was halibut, straight out of Alaska. The other stuff is just nasty. (No river trout for me.)

    1. I love halibut fresh from the ocean. We caught that too so maybe that makes a lot of difference.

  10. What a great memory. Fish always taste best just out of the lake while you’re sitting around a campfire. Maybe a beer to go with it. 😉

  11. What a great memory! I’ve had hot dogs and marshmallows cooked over a campfire.

  12. My father couldn’t have caught a fish in a goldfish bowl and I never learned to fish either. But I sure do like eating fish. Not sure about the cleaning though. It does sound more like a science project than I would care to deal with.


  13. I love campfire food. The best fish I ever had was cooked on a campfire too!

  14. Crap. With everything so busy in my life, I completely spaced this. >_< Sorry.

    I used to go camping a lot as a child. It was fun exploring, and fish often was the dinner for the night. I still love corned beef hash, cooked in a cast iron skillet. Always takes me back to my younger days.

  15. I have fishing memories from that same age, except mine are fishing with my dad and uncle on Galveston Bay. Good times 🙂

  16. I’ve never fished nor care to, but I see how people can bond over it.

    I loved seeing the various dishes in this hop.

  17. Holly, that sounds like a magical trip. Everything tastes better when cooked over a campfire. I can’t remember anything special though.

  18. I’ve never been fishing! I’m not really an outdoor-kinda-gal… 🙂
    But I like a good barbecue (my end of the globe, we call it ‘braai’)

  19. I need to visit Alaska one of these days. We visit family in Maine every summer — Sebec Lake. Don’t do much fishing, but we spend every moment at that lake.

  20. Very nice memory. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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