It’s a new sparkly year!

new-sparkleHappy New Year Everyone!

It’s beautiful where I am, but cold. We’ve dipped down into the negative numbers. surprise

Remember NaNo, that novel writing month thingy in November? Well, a week and a half in and a huge work project came my way. I had to shift my focus. Though I didn’t complete NaNo, I’m not complaining. My project has a huge creative aspect and will last for several more months. So, writing is currently on the back burner until I reign the project in.

Back in October, I hooked my cookbooks to Kindle MatchBook, probably something I should have mentioned back then. Oh well, now is as good a time as any. Purchase one of my books in print and the kindle version is free.

On to new stuff…

This is the International Year of Crystallography as deemed by the UN. Cool, yes? So, I’m going to try to add more rock and crystal posts this year. Any requests?

Pantone color of the year is Radiant Orchid.

radiantorchid“Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.” – Pantone

So here’s to a year of great joy, love, and health!

image by
color swatch by me

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  1. All the best in 2014, Holly! I know you will do great! I have so enjoyed your ‘crystal” posts and look forward to more. I remember a few years back you did them for the A-Z challenge. They were fantastic!

    Really like the Radiant Orchid! I does reflect all your descriptions.

    Good luck on finishing your project so you can return to your writing!

    1. I can’t take credit for the description. It’s from Pantone. I will add that. 😉

  2. Sorry the writing is on hold, but sounds like the big project is something you’re enjoying.
    Happy New Year, Holly!

  3. Matchbook is a neat idea. Two versions for one.

    1. I know! It’s one of the better ideas they’ve come up with.

  4. Hope you get back on track with your writing soon. Sounds like your new year is off to a good start.

    1. No too bad except the freezing cold burst a pipe last night! Ye-gads!

  5. Winter here is extremely strange this year, we still haven’t seen a single snow flake and no sign of subzero temps either. That has never happened in my life before
    I’m famous for wearing violet and aubergine colours 🙂

    1. This is your year! –colorwise at least.

      The weather is so odd here too. Yesterday 15 today 50.

      1. and also my year in Chinese zodiac since I’m a horse in it and this is the year of horse 🙂

        1. I just did a quick search and found out horsey’s have “ingenious communicating techniques”. Interesting – what are your ‘techniques’?

  6. No offense to Pantone, but I heartily dislike their color of the year. It’s the first one in a long time I haven’t oohed and aahed over. Oh well.

    Looking forward to more gemstone posts! Don’t care which ones 🙂

  7. Sorry about the negative temps. We’re at the other end of weather worries. High 60-70, no rain and no prospects of rain. Do you know of any rain dances we might use?

    1. 70 would be nice, but no rain would be troublesome. Our weather keeps fluctuating between nice (34, no wind) and 10 (with wind and rain and sleet and snow)

  8. Well, sometimes it’s good to put your story aside for awhile because when you got back to it, it’s easier to see the flaws when you edit.

    Love that color!!

    1. Ah, one for the color and one against. 🙂

  9. You can totally add a Crystal post about me. =D

    I’ve been watching for your return to the blogosphere, and obviously been doing a poor job of it if I’m a month late to finding your post. Whatever! Good to hear from you!

    1. It’s hard. I do the same thing–look for posts but miss them in the heaps of posts in my feed.

  10. Hope you’ll mention the Amethyst–my birthstone. The story is that the Greeks ( you know who those guys were and how they liked to party) believed if they wore the stone while at one of their orgies, they would remain sober. A=not; methyos=drunk= not drunk.

    Great idea, right? I’ve tested that theory. Don’t work.

    1. Amethyst was my very first gem post:

      I am glad you tested the theory. It’s one that needed testing.

  11. Hi Holly .. your posts are always interesting .. and I love the stones, their colours, their history etc …

    Cold – we just have wet, more wet and more wet … but at least the days are getting longer and we can ‘see’ spring and I hope a somewhat drier time …

    Good luck with the work project …

    Hope your cold, snow and ice goes away soon .. cheers Hilary

    1. I was hoping with the longer day the weather might improve, but I go nailed yesterday with sleet!

  12. I love your crystal and rock posts! Keep them coming!

  13. Interested to hear about your new creative endeavor. best of luck in finishing it up! Beautiful description of Radiant Orchid.

  14. Hope it’s a good year for you!

    I like that radiant orchid. I’m crazy about all purple tones lately. Even wearing purple right now. ; )

    1. Lee! Hello. Happy New Year.

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