Having RSS feed options and WHAT? Google Reader’s going bye-bye?

Hey, I made these and if you want to use one, be my guest.

Hey, I made these and if you want to use one, be my guest.

Google is spring cleaning again. Last time we lost Friends Connect–globally that is, Blogger blogs can still use it. It was a blow to everyone who didn’t use Blogger, but Mr.Linky came through for the blogging community (more on that later.)

Now, they are dumping Google Reader (on July 1st). Let me tell you I did a double take when I read that.

Don’t wait to move you blogs over to a new reader.

First, grab your feeds:
Google Reader has a new process for downloading your feeds.

  • Step One: Go to the little gear on the right hand side and choose reader settings.
  • Step Two: Export via Takeout then “create archive”.
  • Step Three: Download to your desktop, Window users unblock the zip file (opposite click, choose properties, unblock, okay), then extract your files.

Find a new reader:
Import as directed by your reader. Typically, it’s just an upload button and you’ll upload the subscriptions.xml. Be sure to follow your new reader’s directions.


As a blogger you need to give your readers options.

As a blogger it is downright imperative you give visitors lots of ways to subscribe to your blog. Why? People can just click and add your feed rather than copy and paste your feed into their reader. Time saver=happy subscribers.

To Do’s:

  • Sign up for feedburner. Feedburner passes the feed to most major feed aggregators. It includes the xml page for all other readers. Be sure to enable email feeds too. (WordPresser’s use theย FD Feedburner Plugin too.)
  • Sign up with Bloglovin’. Once you sign up you’ll be asked to add a sniplet of code in your next post to “claim your blog.” Then you’ll be given the code to allow people to subscribe via a button on your blog.
  • And finally, sign up for LinkyFollowers. Add the code to your sidebar and people can sign up and leave little heads on your blog like Friends Connect.

Always give people options. Bloggers have links to their twitter, facebook, pinterest, and all sort of accounts but often fail to have a subscription to their blog.

Make sure your subscription area is easy to find (see).

Links you might need:

*Don’t use this alone. It’s great for adding little heads, but only the paid pro-version includes a blogroll.

So tell me, will the loss of Google Reader affect you? Any other options I’ve out?

Here’s a couple of unrelated but good things to check out:

  • Critique Group Connection, created by Janice Hardy, is a private group (you can request an invite) to find crit partners. I joined and I’m hoping I don’t chicken out.
  • Blog Blitz, dreamed up by DL Hammon, is a new kind of ongoing blog hop. He’ll email everyone on the list a blog (from the list) that everyone will visit and leave encouraging comments. I joined.
Share! It will make you happy, trust me.

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  1. I’d started using Linky Follower last year when GFC was dumped for WordPress and other blogs.
    Found Feedly this weekend and it works even better than Google Reader.

    1. I use Bloglovin’ and really like it. I just looked into Feedly. I didn’t like the initial set up, so I didn’t follow through.

  2. Thanks for the info! I need all the help I can get, LOL!

  3. WOW! Of all day to have problems with my feeds! This posted at midnight and I only got the feed posted. Feedburner needed to be re-synced.

  4. I’m going to check out bloglovin! I can’t use feedly because I use plain old IE.

    1. I noticed that they didn’t have an IE option but instead suggested Firefox.

  5. I’m so ridiculously a techno-dunce when it comes to this stuff. I rarely even use my Reader. I go by my dashboard or sidebar for the most part. Don’t know how it will affect the way I read blogs. To be safe, I should probably find a new reader and get everything transferred I suppose. Yikes.

  6. More work. Less writing. Is this worth it? Not sure anymore.

  7. I have Feedburner and Networked blogs in addition to Google Friends Connect. Someone suggested Feedly and I’m trying that out now.

  8. I have downloaded Feedly and I’m just trying to figure it out. I think it’s a good site though.

  9. Thanks for the links ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been looking for something to help now that GReader is about to go bye bye.


  10. Since I can’t follow Blogger blogs anymore anyway… something about my server, browser, computer, and Blogger just aren’t playing well together anymore… I pasted urls and followed thru Google Reader. It was the only way I could follow. So, my jaw dropped on the ground reading that. I went with Feedly and the change over was seamless. Thank you, Feedly.

  11. I lost Google Reader a long time ago. Okay, I had a fit and stopped using it when they pulled from WordPress.

  12. I signed up for Bloglovin last night, but my follow button is out of date. It’s for Seeing Creative and the tagline is all wrong. ๐Ÿ™ I haven’t put it on my blog because of that.

    1. Did you claim your blog yet? Once you do you can access and edit all the information about your blog. – And you have have it update your thumbnail which is nice.

  13. I saw that google reader notification and was shocked! I really appreciate the reader because I can see when people who post very irregularly (like myself!) have something new.

    I’m going to come back here again when I get a free moment (please) and follow your steps. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the info.

    Why does everything always have to change? Why on earth does Google Reader need to “retire”? Is it old or what? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I’ve never used a reader, but I know many people do. Social sites and webs often make bad changes and never ask us what we want.

  15. le grr, seems I’m going to get a move on and update what I use… sigh. Not a fan of change (lol, I’m sounding like an old woman! hahaha)

  16. I’m so non-techie, I’m dragging my feet. I like the look of Bloglovin’, so maybe that will be the one I try to use. Wish me luck.

  17. I so love Google reader. I am going to drag my feet until I the blog community endorses one in particular. Am tending towards Alex’s feedly right now ~

    Popped in from the Blog Blitz.

  18. Thanks for the concise info. Just bookmarked this so I can come back this weekend when I have a little more time.

  19. Do I even have a feed? I feel like I’m missing out on something here because I don’t think my blog or I utilize any of the aforementioned things.

    1. Ha! Yes, you do have feed. I use it to get to your blog. For blogspot add “feeds/posts/default” to theh end of your URL for Atom and “feeds/posts/default?alt=rss” for your RSS.

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