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still blank

still blank

I still have not put together my goals for the year. It’s not so much that I’m procrastinating but more of wanting to flesh out my goals while trying to met other deadlines. And deadlines are exhausting. I’m writing this post early Sunday morning and I already need a nap!

So, this post is all about revealing. Since the goals things is not going to happen I’m sitting here wondering what to reveal. It’s not happening. I just ended up staring off into space. So, I’ll keep it simple with Carol’s Cover Reveal.

I’ve “known” Carol for a few years now. She was among my first blogging buddies. Every Friday she puts of a Top 10 list. It’s always different and always fun. This is Carol’s second novel, her first being IN NAME ONLY. To her credits, she has published several short stories. She even won a Derringer Award!

Cover Reveal

by Carol Kilgore

When U.S. Coast Guard Commander Taylor Campbell discovers her uncle’s drowning death was murder, she must determine the killer’s identity in order to prevent another murder. Jake Solomon’s job is to make sure Taylor isn’t the next victim.

Available April 2nd!

I really like this cover…
The browns and golds suggest warmth and comfort, but the compass half in the water with shimmering reflection let’s us know something is afoot! – FUN!

You can learn more about Carol here:
website . blog . facebook . twitter . goodreads . amazon

Now on an entirely different note what gemstone would you like to know more about for my first gem post this year? See I can’t make any decisions today! 🙂

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  1. That’s impressive! I seriously should work on more writing projects.

  2. Yeah, I got a post about goals today, but it’s mostly one very specific one. Been seeing Carol’s cover around. Really beautiful with the compass and gold tones, like you said.

  3. It’s a gorgeous cover. Love the Coast Guard aspect. Grew up with high respect for what those people do.

  4. Thanks for sharing the Solomon’s Compass cover and for your great insight. I love your information on gemstones, and I’ve already stolen…er, make that used some of it 🙂 Whichever stone you choose will be awesome!

  5. I love your new look blog. So professional looking.

    I’ve seen Carol everywhere today. Yay for Carol.

  6. big congrats to lady Kilgore!

  7. Yay for Carol. I asked yesterday, what’s outside. My husband started doing laundry. That’s how my January is going.

  8. It’s great to see Carol’s cover so many places!!

  9. Holy frick, what a great cover!!

  10. Woohoo to Carol. Exciting stuff.

  11. Hi Holly
    Stalled decisions at the red light of life, hope it turns green soon. Carol’s cover is cool.

  12. What a beautiful cover for Carol’s new book!

    I’m not sure if you’ve written about spinels? I heard they were used quite a bit in antique settings, and I was wondering about them. (Might use one in a historical I’m working on…)

    <3 Happy New Year!

  13. I often wait until the last minute to post. I usually have an outline of posts to choose from. But often I write and post them as I go along.

  14. Yay for Carol!! I do love her cover!

  15. I wrote mine before Christmas and they’re already changed. *rolls eyes*

    Love Carol’s new cover.

  16. Congratulations to Carol!

  17. I have pads of empty sticky notes, too. Thanks for making me feel better about that. Congrats to Carol, too. I’ve seen her book several places, so I’m sure she’s making a splash!

  18. Very nice! I might need to learn how to use photoshop; my covers always turn out a little cartoony with PowerPoint and Paint.

    1. I liked your covers! I recommend checking out GIMP (www.gimp.org/). It’s a great free paint software.

  19. I’m not doing any goals this year. 🙂 I’m gonna go with the flow.

    Can’t wait to read Solomon. Woohoo

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