May 292012

I have. Maybe it is electronic burnout, but there are times I don’t want to turn it on. In some respects, this is great. One tends to be more active when not glued to the computer screen. However, I type my novels on my computer. So, instead of adding words, I think. I think about characters and their needs, quirks, past. About I think about plot depth, twists, battles, emotions, scenes.

I’m just coming off EB (Electronic Burnout). Now, I plan to put all my thinking to work.

Have you ever suffered from EB? How do you handle it?

Hear from other Insecure Writers.

Edit: This is posted a week early – I thought it was June already.

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  20 Responses to “Have you ever just not wanted to touch your computer?”

  1. You’re a week early aren’t you?

    Sometimes I just have to walk away for a while, maybe to read or watch TV or something. But it usually doesn’t last long.

    We need your feedback!
    Blogging from A to Z
    Arlee Bird recently posted…Happy Thank You DayMy Profile

  2. I definitely have suffered from electronic burnout, more specifically Facebook burnout. I try to write 5 days a week and take the weekend off to do other things which require moving around such as going outside to soak in some sunlight. Come Monday, I don’t want to write at all. I have to force myself to start writing but once I do I don’t stop until Saturday.
    Sherri recently posted…Ghost in Google’s MachineMy Profile

  3. Just coming off a little EB myself. :)

    When I get like that I usually go to my notebook to work. For some reason my thinking can get stuck while working on the computer (more likely I’m just overly distracted by the internet). If I work in a notebook for awhile I can usually get going on the writing again.
    L.G. Smith recently posted…Villain Is As Villain DoesMy Profile

  4. No, I can honestly say I’ve never had that.

    I am more like Linus in the Charlie Brown cartoon strip where Lucy snatches Linus’s blanket for washing. Linus slowly falls apart, square by square, while Lucy runs in with reports — “it’s in the rinse cycle, it’s in the spin cycle, it’s in the dryer” — and finally appears at the end to toss the blanket back to Linus, who returns to normal.

    Yeah, that’s me when my husband does an update on my laptop.

  5. Holy crap, yes… I’d say I get this way probably twice a month! There are days I just *have* to shut it down and put it all away… And what’s great is that usually the next day or so when I come back, my work is so much better. It’s important to take those breaks!
    Morgan Shamy recently posted…Travel to Write? Or Write to Travel?My Profile

  6. Hi Holly – I enjoy being off the computer … but thankfully I don’t seem to need a break – yet I’m not writing a novel, or short stories .. just blogging away happily!

    Cheers – I love Dianne’s analogy above .. that’s fun .. Linus’ blanket: I’ll remember that square by square … Hilary

  7. I love when I turn my computer off at the end of the day. Ahh.

    I’ve been writing and taking novel-notes outside lately. It is just too beautiful (finally….) to sit inside.

    Love the computer picture above. Really says it all. :)

  8. It usually just hits me for a day. I work on a computer all day at work, so I’m conditioned to it. But occasionally, I’ll just take the day off and enjoy.
    I play games on my computer as well as write, so it is difficult to ignore it for long.
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted…My Poetic, Awesome Online Mom, Ninja News, and MIB III ReviewMy Profile

  9. EB gets me just about every day at 3PM. I so understand how you feel.

  10. I had that feeling last week, but after a long weekend of staying clear of the computer, I’m ready to dive into work!

  11. I was just on another blog where she lost her computer to a crash and I mentioned how much I consider losing my computer a blessing in disguise. It’s like getting a reprieve from visiting, connecting, or posting.

    Many years ago we took a trip to an actual deserted beach devoid of all electronics. BEST. VACATION. EVER. Not only was I recharged, my brain was full of ideas.
    Maria Zannini recently posted…A Horse-Wrangling, Coop-Cleaning WeekendMy Profile

  12. This hasn’t happened to me. Even when I walk past my computer and it’s turned off, I have an urge to turn it on. And sometimes I do unconsciously. :P
    Stina Lindenblatt recently posted…Keep it SimpleMy Profile

  13. Uh, heck yes! Sometimes I just ignore the computer and watch TV instead. Or read. Or shocker! Cook dinner. Because the computer is a huge time-suck and often, I close it feeling bad about myself. And that’s never fun.
    Elana Johnson recently posted…Never Surrender Blogfest!My Profile

  14. I’m not surprised you thought it was June already. This year is flying by!
    And yes, I often get electronic burnout. I’m sort of in one right now.
    Lynda R. Young recently posted…The Importance of a Professional HeadshotMy Profile

  15. Oooh, Calendar Burnout, too! I’m laughing because I do that all the time, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

    I do get electronic burnout. Taking breaks helps a lot. Sometimes for an afternoon or a day works. Sometimes I need longer. The extra thinking time is an added plus :)
    Carol Kilgore recently posted…The Post You’ve Been Waiting ForMy Profile

  16. Wow, we’re on the same wavelength. I was a month early for St. Pat’s this year, and a year early for a Ren Fair. I like that up at the observatory I am completely unplugged. The long lonely drive and some alone time on a mountaintop are great for recharging my batteries and just thinking. If I’m not forced away, I think I’m addicted to the internet …
    Mary recently posted…No Opening, Opening WeekendMy Profile

  17. Yes, sometimes it’s easer for me to think on paper and I jot down notes and scenes there before I can go to the computer.
    Jennifer Shirk recently posted…Friday Favorites #12My Profile

  18. I have an unhealthy attachment to my computer. I have two laptops and at least one is always on. I have a problem.
    Kelly Hashway recently posted…Parental Supervision?My Profile

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