I’ve Joined the Fourth Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign!

I did it. I just signed-up.

What is it?

It is the brainchild of Rachael Harrie. The goal is to meet other authors and help build platforms. It sounds like fun. I hear there are challenges, but honestly, I don’t know what those are. I guess I will find out.

I was torn at which group to join. I decided to go directly into a focused group: Urban Fantasy. I follow lots of writer’s blogs, but very few write the same genre as I do. Time to meet some.;)

Update (2/9/12): I just joined the Paranormal Group as well. These two groups are closely related and I do have a paranormal story too.

Are you an UF writer? Join me in the Fourth Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign. Sign up ends Feb.15th.

The campaign runs until Saturday, March 17, 2012.

Are you joining? What group did you join?

Plea to campaigners: Please remove captcha from your comments. Blogger has a great spam filter. Keeping the captcha slow downs comments and may dive people away.

Share! It will make you happy, trust me.

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  1. Yeah! Glad you are on board. I look forward to reading all of your posts.

    1. Honestly, I still a little unsure about what I’m suppose to do. 😛

  2. Sounds like great fun – I’ve enjoyed reading the past platform building campaigns!

  3. What great opportunities to connect with others … Platform is so important these days. Enjoy!

  4. I joined last year and just could not keep up as I was finishing my book. I would like to try again this year. I’ll look at the calendar and see what the Campaign requires.

    1. It’s suppose to be a mini-campaign, so maybe it will be easier?

  5. I did the last one. The challenges usually have you writing flash fiction based on certain words or situations provided by Rachel. It’s great for meeting other people, but I don’t think I’ve got time for the challenges right now.

    1. There are only two challenges and they were optional. This is a good thing, since my February posts are all done.

  6. Hi Holly
    That does sound like a great idea. I tried to write urban fantasy once and was told my voice is too innocent. I knew I should have grown up years ago, but it’s so much fun to be a kid.

    1. Interesting. I never thought about a voice being too innocent for something – except maybe horror.

  7. Hi. It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog! I actually joined a few groups, including adult fiction, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. Here’s to a great campaign! 🙂

    1. I didn’t think to join more than one group. That’s actually a good idea.

  8. Hi there! Nice to meet you, looking forward to following along =)

  9. Yay! I found you and followed you! Hahaha… so glad to be connected. This campaign has been so much fun! 😀

  10. I did join the urban fantasy group as well as the scifi and fantasy groups. I can’t seem to just settle for one genre. I’m currently working on the third novel in my Armorian Empires trilogy which is scifi/fantasy.

    I have another story which I wrote last October. It qualifies as urban fantasy. It’s the first story I’ve ever written which is set in the real world and modern times. Hopefully, I will get back to editing and revising it as soon as my current WIP is published.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. I have not signed up. I don’t know that i will. I’m so busy right now, even the idea of looking into it stresses me out

    1. That’s when you know it is NOT a good time to join.;)

  12. Hi there! I’m not in your campaign group but I wanted to say “hi” anyway! In addition to writing, I have a thing for photography and art as well. Though my cat draws better than I do! lol. Anyway, love your blog and looking forward to my first campaign. Cheers!

  13. Hi! I adore your header and buttons. Wonderful design. I’m in the Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Adult Fiction groups. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  14. I remember seeing the challenging posts the crusaders had to post last time around. I’m still not sure how they helped the bloggers build a platform. Maybe I’ll check it out. I’ve passed on it for the last two times because I’m not sure what to expect.

    Good luck with your crusade, Southpaw. 🙂

    1. I have no idea either (on how it helps build a platform) but it sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a shot.

  15. hey there! we’re in the same group and I look forward to following you!

  16. Thanks for stopping by! I’m also following you now!

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I joined a lot of groups this time, since I’m really looking for more blogs to follow and people to meet. Mostly staying in the fantasy categories, but also branching out to the ah, more bawdy ones as well 😉

    1. Hi Hildred. I love fantasy books!

  18. That’s awesome. I’m a campaign drop out. *bows head* I couldn’t keep up with the challenges. Good luck, you are going to love it.

  19. Hello, was just coming to say hello back from the campaign but oh my goodness, just saw your posts on recipes and such and can I just say how incredibly happy that made me? *_* Absolutely love bloggers that include foodie posts! Looking forward to getting to know you more too 🙂

    I ended up joining two, joined the second general YA group and then the Urban Fantasy because well – I tend to write it for adult fiction too 🙂 love meeting someone else in the same genre.

  20. Hello from Eileen at Speak Coffee to Me, part of the paranormal group.

  21. Congrats! If I weren’t doing the A-Z Challenge, I think I’d jump into the pool. I’ve heard it’s great fun! Looking forward to reading your posts.

  22. Good for you. I hope you have a blast.

  23. Hi. There’s a game of tag that I’m continuing on my blog, and you’re it!

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