A Writers Guide to Alexandrite

Crystal of alexandrite, uncut

crystal of alexandrite, uncut

Alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl, an aluminate of beryllium. Chrysoberyl is the third-hardest gemstone. It’s very rare.

The alexandrite effect is the color changing feature of these gems. Unlike the property of pleochroism that involves looking at the stone from different angles to see the color shift, the alexandrite effect depends on the ambient lighting to see the color shift. This property is the result of a small scale replacement of aluminium by chromium ions in the crystal structure. Alexandrite tends to be green, yellow, or pink by daylight and red by incandescent light.

Alexandrite is named after the Russian tsar, Alexander II (1818-1881). Popular legend says that is was discovered on Alexander II’s birthday in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

Alexandrite was first thought to be emerald due to the deep green color.

Poets have described this gem as “emerald by day and ruby by night”.

Cut Alexandrite

cut alexandrite

History and Lore

  • George Frederick Kunz, the master gemologist at Tiffany & Co., created a series of alexandrite rings in the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Alexandrite can be found in England’s Victorian jewelry.

Famous Alexandrites

  • Whitney Alexandrite: a 17.08-carat modified cushion cut gem from the Hematita Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Magical and Mystical Properties include

  • keeping internal organs running smoothly
  • relieving to pancreatic disorders
  • relieving swollen lymph nodes
  • promoting tranquility
  • promoting longevity
  • promoting a positive psyche
  • promoting inner happiness
  • bringing good luck
  • enhancing love spells

Discharging & Recharging

To recharge alexandrite, let warm water run over the stone, then place in the sun for a while. (In stone therapy, when using stones to heal, their energy is used up, requiring the stones to be recharged.)

This is a reference for fiction writers and should not be taken as medical or spiritual advice.gemstone index

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  1. Ooo, you're back to your gem posts. Fun!

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  5. My mother has a Russian alexandrite ring. I've always been intrigued by it.

  6. Alexandrite is my mother's favorite gemstone. Not sure if it cured her from any ailments though. LOL
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  7. Oh, I'm with L Diane. So happy to see a post on gems again. These were so amazing during the A-Z challenge.

    Great idea, Holly. I might do a weekly post with my theme of flash fiction with a twist. It could be fun.

    Nice to see you back.

  8. Hey, there's a rock named after me!
    Glad you're posting again, Holly.

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    It's always so fascinating for me to see the difference between cut and uncut stones. I would never have thought based on that first picture that the cut stones would be so pretty. And love the variance in color.

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    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

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