A Writers Guide to Using Crystals and Gemstones


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I’m prefacing this post by saying there are a lot of techniques and uses out there. More than I imagined. Therefore, this is just a teaser to get you started and get your creative juices going.

First Things First

When you acquire a gemstone it’s important to discharge it. I assume this is to get rid of any negative energy or partial energy it holds from the previous owner or anyone who has handled it. The only generic method I found for discharging a stone is to hold it in your hand for several minutes.

What Stone to Use

Unless you’re looking to have a specific need filled, choose a stone that appeals to you. Your eye stops on it. When you hold it, the weight, size, and shape feels comfortable. From what I read, that’s the stone you identify with or need at the time.

Touchstones, Pocket Stones, Etc.

Touchstones or Worry Stones are small tumbled stones that you can touch to give you positive energy or lessen your worries.

Pockets Stones are small tumbled stones that – guess what – you keep in your pocket. It’s not for touching though; it’s there to impart its power to you throughout the day.

Jewelry stones are similar to pocket stones, except that their power increases when the stone touches your skin. Some stones gather energy as they move like when dangling from a pendant. Some stones, however, should not touch the body, but only be used an inch or two above it.

Crystal wands are elongated stones with a point at one end or a stone attached to the end of a rod. They are used to focus energy and to help remove blocked energy. They are also used to open charkas.

Geodes and larger stones impart their energy into the room they are placed. For example, a chunk of rose quartz in the bedroom will bring about a restful sleep.

Gemstone Water

Put a gemstone into a clear glass container, and fill it 3/4s full with bottled spring water. Place the container in a windowsill and let it “charge” for 12 hours undisturbed — either in the sunlight or moonlight depending on the stone.

Remove the stone with a spoon. Use water within 72 hours. Keep refrigerated.

You can drink the water, wash your face and skin with it, or water your plants.

Chakra Stones

Chakra is a concept originating from Hindu texts and practices. Chakras are places on the body where vital energy flows and intersects. There are seven major Chakras. Each Chakra is associated with a particular area of the body and a color. Stones are used at Chakra centers for clearing, revitalizing, and healing.

bullet 1st Chakra: Root, base of the spine
Primary color: red; secondary colors: black, brown, and gray
Energy focus: stability, physical energy, will
Gemstone suggestions: garnet, onyx

bullet 2nd Chakra: Sacral, below the navel
Primary color: orange
Energy focus: creativity, healing, reproduction, sexuality
Gemstone suggestion: carnelian

bullet 3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus, below the breastbone
Color: yellow
Energy focus: intellect, personal power
Gemstone suggestions: citrine, yellow sapphire, yellow topaz

bullet 4th Chakra: Heart, center of the chest
Primary color: green; secondary color: pink
Energy focus: love, compassion
Gemstone suggestions: jade, aventurine, rose quartz

bullet 5th Chakra: Throat, just above the collarbone
Color: light blue
Energy focus: communication, expression, divine guidance
Gemstone suggestions: turquoise, blue kyanite

bullet 6th Chakra: Third Eye, centered above eyebrows
Color: dark blue
Energy focus: spiritual awareness, intuition, psychic power
Gemstone suggestions: lapis lazuli, azurite

bullet 7th Chakra: Crown, top of the head
Primary color: purple; secondary color: colorless or white
Energy focus: enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, energy
Gemstone suggestions: amethyst, white calcite, clear quartz

Whew, you made it though my mega post. Now what are you going to do?

This is a reference for fiction writers and should not be taken as medical or spiritual advice.gemstone index

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    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

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    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

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  30. Thanks everyone. I'm a geek and love research. 🙂

    Jessica, this is from the Pescheck-Bohmer and Schreiber book, “Amber is the most effective against chronic recurring migraine. It should be worn for a considerable length of time. …wear a short flat necklace that will not disturb your sleep…stress [migraine] can be alleviated by rhodochrosite or tiger's eye. Use them them to lightly massage the temples in a circular motion.”

    Let me know if it works!

  31. LOL Tara, you crack me up. Look for crystal and rock shops in your yellow pages. New age too, but they might be more expensive.

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