It’s a good thing I don’t tweet.

bbirdMy tweets would be…

Computer keys do not type by themselves #writing

20 minutes later
Woohoo, just got 10 words down #writing

30 minutes later
Nothing #writing

10 minutes later
Did you all read about the new thesaurus? #blogging

20 minutes later
Hum, maybe I’d better get some real work done.

10 minutes later
Hey, let’s all have coffee at the same time. Now.

You may all learn I’m a procrastinator.

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Updated: June 16, 2016 — 4:21 pm


  1. I am not a tweeter either, though I have an account. If someone talks to me, I will respond. So far Olivia Wilde has resisted the urge to stalk me! LOL. Cate Blanchett, too.

    Here's hoping some words come to you to make your novel sizzle, Roland

  2. Ha! I know that tweeting would give me another excuse not to write or do all of the other things I NEED to be doing. Social networking is way too much fun.

  3. ROFL! That's my kind of twittering! (And writing. Oy!)

  4. HA. I think you would enjoy the blog post I wrote the other day about Twitter… I JUST got an account this week. It's seriously insane. (And there are PLENTY of people who tweet just like your post here)

  5. Looks like you'd be a pro at it! Hashtags and everything…

  6. Nice faux-tweets 😛 I usually use Twitter for news rather than posting. I can't think of enough interesting things to say during my day to warrant tweeting about it, hehe.

  7. haha I've got a twitter thing but only tweeted once. It seemed kinda silly. I would rather be silly on facebook!

  8. That's probably why I don't twitter more!

  9. Hm, I'm seeing a cute, handy-dandy guide to tweeting in the works here 🙂

  10. I think my tweets would be banal, like “Why are snails eating my flowers?” Or, “What color curtains should I take for the dining room?” 🙂

  11. I don't Twitter. But some days if it weren't for blog comments, I wouldn't get any writing done. 😛

  12. Oh, this made me laugh. I don't tweet either. Mine would be totally boring.

  13. While we don't do Twitter in this house either…my daughter who's been struggling with her writing lately(high school homeschool novel writing course)could so relate to this post!

  14. Ha! Awesome! I also don't Twitter for the reason you mention. It would be a big distraction. I'd just want to gab all day. 🙂 I'm saving Twitter as a reward when I get my next ms. draft done.

  15. I like your first tweet! It might help inspire others. Those who may have written a dozen words & are now doing a spell check!

  16. That sounds like my Tweets! 🙂

  17. Ack! I'm pondering Twitter. I think I won't be prolific.

  18. LOL! I don't tweet either because I think mine would be about the same. People would know what a slacker I am… either that or how much time I REALLY do spend on the internet. Hee, hee.

    Have a great day, Holly!

  19. Yeah, yeah. Point taken. Some days I tweet too much and write too little. But some days I write more and tweet less and when I'm feeling low and not in a writery mood I get inspiration from other tweeple so that I soon I'm writing once more.

  20. “Procrastination is a very bad habit. I will get rid of it tomorrow” — hmm, I remember my English Professor had told that and said that it was somebody's quote. I wonder who it was. She mentioned the name of the writer but at sixty years of age, I find it hard to put presaure on my brain.

  21. You'd have a lot of followers because that's kind of entertaining. 😉 I would follow you!

  22. me, too. I've dipped my toe in the twitter pool, but I haven't dove in yet. Eventually maybe, but for now #amwriting 😀

  23. I don't tweet, either. And I think mine would be rather like that . . .

  24. The expert (IMHO) on the subject is Kristen Lamb. I read her book about social media. Twitter is vital, she says, if you want/need to promote a book. But, she goes in only five minutes a day. Makes a few comments, puts up some links/information. That's it. 'Course, she also details how to set up your site so you can keep track of your followers, all of which I haven't figured out yet; and she says also to get Tweetdeck, which will make keeping track easier. She gives specific directions on how to do this, so soon I'm going to see if I CAN do it. I'm a dummy with these things.

    You seem to have the hashtags down, and the spirit of it all–really! Maybe I can take lessons from you!!

    Thanks for stopping by Tuesday and congratulating me on my book launch. I thought KarenG's review was awesome, too.

    Every time I come into your new blog I catch my breath. That header is stunning!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  25. Hi, Holly,

    I can relate. I only tweet to announce blog contests and giveaways by other authors. I never tweet about myself. Why bog up the tweet waves with a boring “I'm still editing” tweet.

  26. Hahaha… yes.. this is probably why I haven't hopped on the bandwagon yet 😉

  27. I do not tweet, not totally sure what it is, so probably don't need it.

  28. Did you all read about the new thesaurus? That one cracked me up. Hope you have a groovy day, Miss Holly.

  29. I am too, a terrible procrastinator. Here I am, procrastinating as we speak…

  30. Sounds like every tweet that pings me on TweetDeck! 😀

    Yes I tweet that much! 😉

  31. I'm totally a procrastinator, too! I write in little spurts, with long spurts of nothing productive whatsoever in between. Ah, well. Nobody's perfect 🙂

  32. I didn't get Twitter at first, but later on I found quite a lot of nice friends there who support my site greatly and give me lots of love on a daily basis, so now I love twitting 🙂

  33. I'd follow you. I've tried tweeting – don't get it and don't really understand all the little short-cuts, re-whatsits etc. Man I feel old 🙂

  34. I have a Twitter account and do tweet occasionally, but I mostly forget to sign on. I like your tweets though. They're quick and funny.

  35. That's exactly what my tweets would look like – if I'd allow myself. Good thing I don't, I suppose. 🙂 #yayforselfediting

  36. Hehe. A lot of my tweets read that way!

  37. You’re comments cheered me right up (especially having to delete about 1000 words).

    Katie & Jamie did you know your profiles are not turned on?

    Truthfully Golden Eagle, eagle don’t tweet. They more screech. Teehee, I couldn’t help myself!

    Uh, tweetdeck? Ann, it seems like twitter is more complicated than I thought.

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