A Writers Guide to Iolite

iolite, uncut and cut

iolite, uncut and cut

Known as iolite to gemologist and cordierite to mineralogist, this stone is a magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate. (I dare you to say that three times fast.) It’s a transparent stone in colors of violet, blue, gray, and yellow. Iolite most often refers to the violet variety. This gem has a very cool property — pleochroism, the colors of the stone look different a different angles. It looks blue to violet in one direction and pale yellow to gray in another.

The name iolite is derived from the Greek word ion, meaning “violet.”

Iolite is also known as the water-sapphire and the Vikings’ Compass, because of its pleochroism.

History and Lore

  • Ancient seafarers looking through iolite could determine where the sun was even in cloudy skies.
  • Vikings used iolite to reduce the glare when checking the sun’s position.


Magical and Mystical Properties include

  • alleviating stomach disorders
  • alleviating stress
  • reducing anxiety and depression
  • stimulating memory
  • unlocking creativity
  • aiding in astral projection

Discharging & Recharging

To discharge iolite, let warm water run over the stone once a week. To recharge, place it among clear quartz crystals or in the sun for one hour. (In stone therapy, when using stones to heal, their energy is used up, requiring the stones to be recharged.)

This is a reference for fiction writers and should not be taken as medical or spiritual advice.gemstone indexSources:
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  1. Very pretty. I think it's amazing about the ancient seafarers.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

    My favorite stone is also my birthstone, the opal. It changes with each shift of the light. I sometimes feel my life shifts accordingly.

  3. Interesting healing properties. Hope you're having a yummy day and eating all kinds of good things.

  4. I like the colors in this stone, it would look striking in a piece of jewelry.

  5. Sorry to hear that, Holly.

    This stone here just might turn out to be my favorite. Pretty.

  6. Iolite is such a pretty name!

    Many blessings to you and your family, Holly, and wishing you peace and comfort at this difficult time.

  7. So cool. My prayers are still with you.

  8. I love blue/violet stones. This is one I don't have.

    My condolences on your loss.

  9. This is very interesting. The pictures are beautiful. I'm a new follower. =)


  10. It's so pretty! My favorite stone is my birth stone, Tanzanite.

    Yes, I have very expensive tastes.

  11. It certainly is a pretty stone and has some interesting healing features.

  12. Say it 3 times fast??? Not sure I can say it slowly once! Very pretty though – and new to me 🙂

    So sorry to hear about the death in your family. Take care of yourself and each other.

  13. Very interesting post! I think my favorite stone is sapphire.

    I'm sorry to hear about the death in your family.

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