Getting Ready for Arlee’s Evil Blogfest

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I’ve commented on at least fifteen different blogs about how I was not going to participate in this blogfest. I whined about the time commitment, but I signed-up anyway.

I submitted to peer pressure.

To prepare, I’ve updated my blogger profile in the sidebar to include my genre and blogging topics for potential followers. This should reduce the time it takes new visitors to determine what my blog has to offer other than the “themed” blogfest posts.

I’ve added a welcome note to the top of the page.

I’ve switched to popup comments. Embedded comments are great for feeds and readers who come here via those places to comment, but not as convenient for first time visitors.

As always I do NOT have word verification turned on (hint, hint).

Now, is evil too strong a word? The closer we get to April 1st, I have to say no. Sadly, I now think there is no way to visit every person on the list. And darnit I really want to.

Ok, let’s say I visited on all the blogging days for the entire challenge. At the time I wrote this, I would have to visit 23 blogs a day. That does not include my standby blogs who are not participating that I don’t want to ignore. That’s overwhelming and not doable.

So, I’ve decided to pull a number from a hat everyday to decide what blogfest blogger to start with and then visit the next 10 to 15 blogs. This gives all the participants equally chance to be visited by me. I will, of course, also visit anyone who visits here.

Any other recommendations? Anyone else go to the dark side?

Share! It will make you happy, trust me.

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Updated: February 15, 2013 — 7:49 pm


  1. I know, right? I've been such a bad blogger the last few months, having too much on my own plate to check out anyone else's, so I feel terrible for that already, and now I'm supposed to blog daily AND visit a whole gazillion of other bloggers?

    I don't know what pulled me in at last. Perhaps it was the peer pressure (though I don't think anyone asked me specifically to join…)? Perhaps it's my brain switching to crazy mode the second I hear “challenge”? I dunno. April will be tough!

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Good luck with the challenge! I admire your ambition. I'm averaging 2 posts a week these days, and I know there's no way I'd succeed at this. But I'll be cheering you on!

  3. Oh yeah. I signed up in January. Woot!! Bring on the crazy!!

  4. I give you credit… I was not about to even attempt this one! As much as I want to build my following, I knew I couldn't put in the time.

    Good luck!

  5. Wow, you will be totally, completely immersed in the blog galaxy! This will definitely be a fun journey to watch … Good luck!

  6. Evil is right and it has me shaking with fear. I posted a few of my reasons on the A-Z as well 🙂
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. As a crusader who is failing miserably at the task, I can sympathize with the challenge you're undertaking. Personally, I like embedded comments, but that's only because my computer sometimes like to attack pop-up, even if they are friendly fire. lol

    And oh, how I wish there was a way to destroy word verification!

    Good luck on your challenge. 😀

  8. I'm not participating. The Tiki Hut will be dark for a couple of weeks mid-month because we're taking a trip. Have fun and don't go bonkers 🙂

  9. Great goal! Good luck on the challenge you brave soul!

  10. You have done a beautiful job with your page–I love it! It's clean and easy to read and well organized. That's where I need to get with mine.

    I'm so glad that you submitted to the peer pressure. Your presence will improve our Challenge.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  11. Thanks for the link to the challenge! I'm joining with you =) And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cappu-bunnie-cino!!

  12. Holy cow, over 700 participants…

    Good luck!

  13. *snort* Nice way to call it like it is! And great idea to make your blog easier for people to tell quickly whether it is a place for them to keep coming back. I think I will follow your lead on that front.

  14. I succumbed to pressure to. I just had to decide it was OK to take longer than a month to get to everybody. I think I'll start in the middle somewhere. I better decide by Friday.

  15. Yeah, I've wondered if there is a dark side to all of this to LOL! The Challenge has taken on a life all its own. Kinda like the Blob where it consumes and grows and no one can seem to stop it.

  16. wow. I'm so impressed with you letter kids. I'm not doing it, but I am looking forward to reading the letters I catch!

    And if the result is everyone stops using word verify, I will be both happy and sad. Happy b/c … dangit! And sad b/c today I learned “manduck” on word verify… 😀 <3

  17. Imma be doin' it. The blog challenge, that is. It'll be fun! You're already one of my regulars to check, so I'm ahead of the game! 😉

    Marian Allen

  18. I'm not doing it. No way. But I wish you tons of fun in the month-long blogfest.

    Some bloggers are making that whole A to Z, far too much of a job. What's the fun in that? I say have fun with it. Visit who you can and that's that.

    Fun. Easy. Light. Otherwise, it's just another blasted job.

  19. I admire you for doing this blogfest! They do take a lot of time. When I tried to comment on every blog I had in my reader bar, it took my literally two hours a day. I wasn't getting any writing done.

    Now I only comment on a few a day.

    Good luck and good idea to pull one out of a hat.

  20. Not sure how I'll do it, but I suppose I'll start at a certain point on Arlee's list and work my way backward or forward.

  21. Fun, fun, fun. Hey, forgot to tell you that I'm digging your bunny coffee cup. Very cool.

  22. Good luck with the challenge! I thought your description of the systems and changes you've put in place were quite helpful and educational. Thanks!

    Blogging daily doesn't fit my life right now, but hats off to you all who do it. I hope you reap great rewards!

  23. I may steal your idea for the top bar. You are genius. 😀

  24. LOL! This is gonna be fun 🙂 I'm gonna go see what my color says about me!

  25. I signed up and have only been blogging for 2 months, lol. Now you've got me scared. 😉

    Thanks for visiting A Helicopter Mom! I guess I was one of the lucky names drawn. I'm glad because it introduced my to your blog, too. I look forward to learning about gemstones and crystals (can you DO that many?!?!).

    Have a great weekend!

  26. Cruella, I suppose I should really say blog pressure. Some many people posting on how awesome it is and how they are doing it, and why haven’t we all joined up. I think we need a support group.

    Jennifer, my schedule is two a week too. It works great for me and I think for people visiting others around the net. Thanks for the cheering!

  27. Hilary Melton-Butcher said…
    Hi – good for you and for letting us know all the changes you've made .. enjoy the ride – I'm sure going to .. my rear: I'm not so sure!!

    I'm starting at 223 …

    Cheers Hilary

  28. N. R. Williams said…
    Welcome to the insanity. I've been wondering if I made a mistake. But, I signed up a long time ago and have some post schedule. I will visit in the same manner you are.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  29. Tara thanks!

    The Happy Whisk is right. It needs to be fun.

  30. The Happy Whisk, thanks.

    Aubrie, I totally understand. Blogging is so addictive that checking just a few never works. I tend to check often and comment when I can. Then I’ll go a couple of days without checking any blogs.

    Hannah do it! And I’ll take that compliment anyday.

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