Difficulty Letting Go


Last week I took a couple of days off due to illness. When I popped back online, I was overwhelmed with the amount of new posts in Google Reader – over 300.

Let’s look at that number and make some estimates. Let’s say I can read a post in 30 seconds. Clicking through to read comments and to post a comment of my own can take up to a minute and a half depending on how the blog is set up. That’s 600 minutes or 10 hours without breaks.

I saw those numbers and new it was impossible to read every single post, but what if I miss your best post ever? Perhaps you needed validation or a pat on the back.

How do I let go…

I’m still reading posts…

Logically I know I can’t read and comment on them all. So, to all my blogging friends’ posts I was unable to comment on last week-

  • Congratulation on your award(s)
  • Awesome job completing your first draft/revision/query letter
  • That was great. I’ve got to try that
  • Stick with it and you’ll do it
  • Take a break, eat some chocolate, then look at it with fresh eyes
  • Sorry you were ill too


Please I’m begging you to remove word verification for your most recent post. With blogger, you can have word verification for older posts, but keep the most recent free and clear for speedy replies. You should know that half of the time the word image doesn’t show up, so the page has to be refreshed. A quarter of the time the image is just plain unreadable and has to be reloaded. It’s a huge comment deterrent.

**This is the last day to vote in my writing poll. This is for writers and bloggers. What time of day do you like to write? Not when you can fit it into your schedule but that sweet time when things just flow.

And now my question. How do you let go and not feel guilty?

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  1. I gave up my last blog because it was impossible to keep up – I took five months off and now have found myself starting all over with a new one. I think I am a glutton for punishment… The time it all takes is ridiculous – fortunately I don't watch TV!

  2. lol, I love your blanket response to all the blogs. That about sums it up 🙂

    If I were you, I'd just clear the slate and start fresh with no backlog. We've all been there, and understand. Happy blogging to you …

  3. Loved the blanket “way-to-go's!” I just have to come to terms there is only so many hours in a day, do my best and try again tomorrow. 🙂
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  4. Every morning, I wake up and I find 300 new blog posts. I follow 758 blogs and most post everyday. I quickly skim through them for interesting posts (like yours) and then read and comment. I don't read or comment on every blog post. However, I do try to read everyone's blog that comment on my posts. Don't fret. Even if you only comment on my blog once a week, I won't be offended. Comment on the ones that interest you.

  5. thank you for the reminder of the word verification!
    And my google reader says over 1000 pretty much every day. Sigh.

  6. Ha! This made me snicker. Been there. When I get overwhelmed all I can do is skip over book reviews which seems to cut them down by 1/3. Otherwise I get all “omg I'm going to miss people and then they will hate me and then I will lose followers/friends and then my career will be over before it gets going.” But, realistically, that is so far from the truth! People understand. You won't miss anything life or death.

    Glad you feel better!

  7. I know what you feel. When I'm totally overloaded, I follow Joanne's advice to clear the slate and start over. I try to comment on the blogs I follow at least once a week. Sometimes I don't make it. I also try to comment on everyone's blog who comments on mine. Sometimes I don't make that either. But I believe every blogger faces the same time constraints and understands.

  8. Glad you're feeling better! I think this is one of the reasons I work through my sidebar–I try to hit each PERSON but not every blog. Yes, i miss news, but at least none of the people gets neglected too long…

  9. I have decided that if I don't get caught up on blogs by Sunday, I mark all as read and start fresh on Monday. Otherwise mine will never be under 1000…never.

  10. I run into the problem often. I usually try doing what Clarissa mentioned–skim the blogs to see if there's anything interesting, and comment on those.

  11. No word verification on my blog! And with 500+ followers, I've learned I just can't comment on all of the posts. There's days I pull up Google Reader and it's already at 300 for the morning!

  12. Word verification is a pain in the butt! You won't find it on my blog.

  13. I feel like that all the time! No worries! But I do feel guilty, so no advice there.

    Oh, and yes I totally agree on word verification!!

  14. This post has been removed by the author.

  15. Sounds like there are a lot of us in the same boat. We want to visit and comment on all the blogs we follow, but life has a way of cutting into that time. LOL

    Thoughts in Progress

  16. Glad you're feeling better.

    300 blog posts? Holy cow. 🙂

  17. I also vote for no word verification!

    I learned that I couldn't bend the laws of physics and visit every blog I follow. I do my best without throwing my life out of whack, and that'll just have to do!

  18. Vino. Lots and lots of vino. By the ned of the night, I'm slurring, “Who do thse bloggers think they are. Do they think they'r better tan me? Aaarrghh!!!! LOL!

  19. I totally agree on the word verification thing, especially since the page has to reload,and keep the posts short and more white space.

  20. Even though I knew wasn’t alone in this it is reassuring to hear it.

  21. Loni Edwards said…
    Hi! I know what you mean! It is very hard to keep up with it all. Social networking is fun, but it can be a big time sink too. I love it though! Anyways, head over to my blog as I gave your blog an award for inspiring me 🙂 Thanks! Loni

  22. N. R. Williams said…
    I'm glad your feeling better. I so agree about word verification. They aren't really words anyway. I found another interesting site that you could sell your flowers on. They advertise specialties for $8.00 or more and the guy that contacted me does monsters for fun and is now making money. Go to my blog, scroll down on the left side bar and you'll see it along with the one your recommend.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  23. Thanks Nancy, I'll check it out.

  24. Madeleine said…
    Hi yes you are right about word verification it is a pain I sometimes click 5 times to get it to work. Sorry to hear you've been poorly. I was off with back probs and catching up with blogs does feel like a huge responsibilty because I don't like my blogging friends to think I'm forgetting them. Hope you feel better soon :O)

  25. Myrna Foster said…
    I love it when you comment on my posts, but don't ever feel like you have to. I can let go because if I take this too seriously, I'd have to quit. I have a husband, three kids, a job, and a lot of other time commitments that come before blogging. But I love my blogging friends.

  26. Well Myrna you just have to stop posting interesting posts.

  27. Sandra said…
    I like how you did a quick comment to all in one brief paragraph! Brilliant! And funny! You are such a devoted blogger! I never open my reader (honestly, I'm not quite sure where it is or how it works) but I swear I'd run screaming in the other direction if I did. You are the Queen! Never forget how admired and appreciated you are! xoxoxo

  28. Southpaw said…
    Hilary Melton-Butcher said…
    Hi .. I just do what I can .. and hope to goodness that's all ok – I read many other blogs too – so at the moment I'm trying to sift and get on!!

    Can you tell me – you just commented over on my blog re horse dung!! .. was it ok?! Not sure how it works from other machines … cheers Hilary and now I'm off to your soup recipe – looks good.

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