The Future of Your Blog is at Stake


If you read one blog post right now, this should be the post. Okay, I’m being melodramatic, but I really want your attention.

Google created a “Make Blogger Better” site where you can vote on new ideas and give your own suggestions.

Pop over there today and vote on ideas like…

  • adding threaded comments
  • adding more static pages

These are some ideas I added and they need your votes!

  • the ability to edit our comments
  • a blogger private messaging system
  • an expanding section for comments

I’ve added 15 but there is no way to point you to them. So just go and vote on whatever floats your boat!

Take a moment here and tell me what you think every blog/blogger should have on their blog (other than posts of course.)

image by blogger

Share! It will make you happy, trust me.

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Updated: June 16, 2016 — 4:04 pm


  1. I'm for having a Lottery on my blog to win a date with Olivia Wilde — but that's a guy thing.

    Just joshing.

    I have longed for a way to edit my comment once I thought it was perfect, only to read it posted and found out that my transposed two letters, making the English teacher grind his teeth.

    Have a great new week, Roland

  2. I like the idea of blogger having a private message system. Thanks for the link. I'll pop over.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. I agree that we should be able to edit our comments. And all bloggers should have a Search gadget on their blogs (which Blogger offers, by the way).

  4. Comment editing would be lovely. I am the queen of typos and I never spot them until they're published! Great idea.

  5. Hmm. It works pretty well right now, for me, but I will go take a look …

  6. I'm pretty happy with blogger as it's set up now, but am always open to new improvements and changes to keep things fresh. Thanks for the link …

  7. I'll go over and vote as soon as I post this comment. Thanks.

  8. I think blogger should make it easier for us to add audio clips.

  9. Thanks for the heads up, I'm heading over now! You provide a great service.

  10. oh man, i'm heading over there right now! I may have to cross post this

  11. ok i went over and spent like 15 minutes voting. Man, i would LOVE threaded comments AND the ability to comment through google reader.

  12. Ha! Thank you for the heads up! I totally would not have known this was happening, and several of these points are great ones…

  13. This is the first I've heard of a blogger revamp and vote. I'll check it out–thanks!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  14. Personally I'd be happy if it just worked consistently 🙂 I'll check it out and thanks for the heads up.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. I wish the window for editing was larger. I hate the little box they give us! Heading over to vote on some stuff now…Thanks!

  16. Editing comments would be a great feature. I'm going to go take a look.

  17. Those are all great suggestions. I think I'll just glom off of yours! Thanks!

  18. Editing comments would be great! I hate posting typos.

  19. Agreed with the editing of the comments! Hope that one makes it!

  20. I had no idea they were doing this. All I really want for Blogger is to bring back the new stats and design features. I maintain 3 blogs and none of them have it any longer. I click on and get nothing.

  21. Make Blogger better? They just won man points. 🙂 I would really enjoy the ability to edit comments.

  22. Oooo the private message system sounds pretty appealing! Definitely going over there to vote, thanks for the info!

  23. I'm pretty happy with wordpress, as it allows editing and threaded comments etc.

    What should every blogger have? I'd say an email address somewhere. What if an agent wants to contact you?

  24. I would love to be able to edit comments, I hate typos and it's hard to catch them all.

    New follower…

  25. Thanks so much for calling attention to this. Am on my way over.

  26. I like the way Blogger has been expanding their platform. I;ve recently added pages. I'll check out the Google site. Thanks for the heads up.

  27. I'm familiar with the site. You have some very good suggestions 🙂


  28. Thanks for the heads up.. I'll go over and check it out now 🙂

  29. Hadn't heard about this. Thanks for letting us know.

    Editing comments would be good, as long as only I can edit my comments. I'd also like it if when a blog has those squiggly letters, you don't have to chase them all over the page.

  30. ooh, I'm going to check that out!


  31. I missed this post but I will head over there today.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  32. The only thing I can really think that I'd like, is a free email account to go with the blog, using the name of my blog and all that.

    Thanks for this post. It's good to know what's going on. I hadn't heard of this before I read it here.

  33. When I first started blogging, I didn't know to turn on “comment notification.” I'd have to go into each post to see if someone added a comment, instead of receiving it in my email inbox.
    I also find that a lot of bloggers don't know that a secondary email account can be set up (if they don't want to use their primary one) to show an email address when they comment on another person's blog instead of “noreply-comment” which enables people to reply to them personally instead of on the blog.
    It is an option that some purposely chose not to use, but blogger does not do a good job at letting a new blogger know about these important settings.

  34. Roland and Jennifer, me too. Why is it that I only find typos AFTER I hit the publish button?

    Patricia, one of the suggestions is to improve that very search widget. I have one but I have found it has limited abilities.

    I really would like the threaded comments too. For those who aren’t sure what that is it is the ability to reply to a particular comment. So, my comments above would appear below and offset from Roland's, Jennifer's, and Patricia's post.

    One thing I think all blogs should have is a followers widget or the friends network thingy, which is basically the same thing. The rss feed button would also work. 😉

  35. Karen, something seems buggy with your account. The stats should still be there. You might want to post in the help forums.

    Lee, a lot of what people want to see on blogger wordpress has had for a long time.

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