Parrots in September


My illustration for September is the Parrot Tulip. This was by far the most time consuming flower I’ve created to date. The petals are all twisty, crazy with color, and feathered on the ends. Regular tulips have an elegant beauty. They are statuesque, crisp, and precise. They are almost unreal. In Southern California, the only tulips I ever saw were indeed fake. In New England, they announce the arrival of spring every year. It is an amazing site.

Now the parrot tulips are different. Stripes and the feathery, curly petals originally occurred due to a virus. Nowadays the virus has been mostly eliminated but these cool adaptations are still bred. They look so different from the original it’s hard to imagine they are in the same genus.

illustration by me!

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  1. I used to grow Angelique tulips when I lived in Utah, and they were amazing. I've never grown parrot tulips, but I love the coral coloring of yours.

  2. I love the beautiful variations in one family of flower. The colors are gorgeous, too!

  3. This is beautiful. Not many tulips in South Texas either.

  4. That looks like a real parrot tulip! Gorgeous!

  5. If I remember correctly, tulips are annuals which bloom every year. My mon loves tulips and planted the bulbs in our yard when I was a kid. Also, we went to the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI every year. Lots of fun. We would buy those wooden shoes and drive our parents crazy LOL!.

    Stephen Tremp

  6. Wow, that is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing that with us.

  7. Dropping by to look at that lovely parrot tulip again. And to let you know I tagged you at my blog.

  8. Beautiful! You are so talented.

  9. Rayna M. Iyer said…
    You are so talented. If that is not the most beautiful picture of a flower that I have ever seen.

  10. Hilary Melton-Butcher said…
    Hi .. I buy these for my mother and she loves them .. as they softly bow towards her – so pretty too .. with their feathery leaves.

    Thanks – so clever of you and a lovely picture for September .. Hilary

  11. Hart Johnson said…
    -that is really gorgeous! You have amazing talent. And I love those wacky, unique tulips.
    September 21, 2010 12:4

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