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I’ve been reading several blogs lately about blogging, which is somewhat funny when you think about it, but I’ve found them interesting. So, I thought I’d join in with my own post.

Blogging Rituals

How Often Blogger’s Post
Personally, I post 2-3 times a week. I prefer blogs that don’t post everyday simply because I just can’t keep up. I don’t keep track of other blogger’s schedules even though I like it when they tell me about them.

Post Topics
I have a basic set of topics, currently they are writing, illustrating, photography, and cooking. This helps me to focus, as well as lets my awesome followers know what they are in for upon return visits. Most blogs have a theme. Whether it’s writing, technology, or personal experiences it doesn’t matter as long as I can relate to it on some level I’m happy. I don’t like posts that simple say, “Don’t know what to blog about today. Just thought I’d let you know.” And leave it there. For me that’s a time sucker.

Post Titles
Super important. Why? Most bloggers follow many blogs and look through their dashboards or blogs rolls for new posts to read. A unique, fun, or otherwise engaging title encourages people to click it and read more.

Poor Title: Fridays
Better: Friday’s Suck
Even Better: Friday, the day birds poop on me

Post Length
Short and sweet makes me happy. If it is longer, break up the text into shorter paragraphs with white space in-between. Remember the Internet = short attention span. My eyes glaze over if I have to concentrate real hard. And yes, I realize this is a long post, but see all the white space?

We love ‘em or we wouldn’t allow them. For the ease of my users I don’t have word verification on. I do have comment moderation on for posts older than four days. This helps me monitor possible spam. It also lets me know when someone had something to say that I might miss it otherwise. I figure I can handle monitoring my recent posts.

Following Followers
I heard that it is considered blog etiquette to follow everyone who follows you. I try to do this because I haven’t found a blog yet I haven’t liked. I wonder if you still follow a blog when you find it creepy? I don’t expect blogs I follow to follow me back. I follow because the blog had something that interested me. Admittedly, I’m not a follower stat checker. So, if you follow me it make take me a while to find you. I wonder what will happen should I ever get a huge follower base. Could I possibly follow everyone and the blogs I find on my own?

Visiting other blogs and commenting
The biggest ritual of all. I try to visit blogs 2-5 times a week. This all depends on what else is happening outside the blogoshere. I try to comment when I can, but there are times I just don’t know what to write and to simply write, “Hi, read it” seems lame.

Blogging Ceremonies

100 Follower Contest/Giveaway
Contests are fun. Giveaways are fun. They’re big in the blog world. The 100 Follower Contest is a popular one. They’re a great way to drive traffic to your blog, but I always wonder if you gain real return visitors that way. When I reach 100 followers, I will give everyone a big virtual hug.

Blog Fests or Carnivals
A blog fest or carnival begins with a blogger who decides to play host for a blog-posting event. The host chooses a topic, a date for the big post-a-thon, then tells everyone about it, and asks others to participate. The host has a list of participants linking to their post or blog.

Blog Chain
One person posts on their site and leaves a link to another blogger’s post on a similar topic. It continues like this until the last person links back to the first person.

Tell me your rituals. What ceremonies have you participated in? Have I missed any good ones?

UPDATE: Always proof your blog post. This one was riddle with errors. I apologize to everyone who read this before 4:30. I’m not saying it is perfect now, but at least it makes sense.

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  1. I agree with you on the short posts, blogging 2-3 times per week and not commenting when I can't think of anything witty to say.

    Great post.

  2. Great post–and the white space made it totally readable. 😉

    I think you covered it well. I blog every day, but only so that my followers don't have to remember my schedule. They can hit me anytime and find something new–and I never expect them to come every day (though of course I love when they do)

    Thanks for the food for thought. Have a great week!

  3. I like it when bloggers only blog 2-3 times a week, but I don't care what their schedule is. And I LOVE comments. I don't even care if someone follows me as long as they comment.

  4. I do like shorter posts! I totally agree. And I'd read:
    “Friday, the day birds poop on me” in a second!

  5. I post 4-5 times a week and usually about the topics I list in my profile – movies, music, books, writing, tech stuff, etc.
    I've enjoyed the blog fests. They make me think. I finally got brave and decided to host my own, too. Hope it goes well.

  6. I second everything here … short posts, great titles, regular blog schedule. It makes it easy for the blogger and the readers too. I also enjoy a theme on a blog, it makes it fun to contribute to the Comment dialogue.

  7. Great summary, and I agree with everything. For me the most important are a regular posting schedule and shorter posts. And I love comments!

  8. AWARDS!
    I forgot about the ceremonial award. Or is it a ritual?

  9. I tried setting down rituals, but no go. I do like Blogfests and posting flash fiction.

  10. I think you covered everything. 🙂

    It can be challenging to keep up with all the blogs. Not enough hours in the day.

  11. I was blogging five days a week, and it got to be too much. Then I realized it was too much for my readers, too! Now, I post on MW&F, and I find more people leave me comments simply because I give them the time to get to the posts. I find, too, that I appreciate this on the blogs I follow. I can't get to every blog everyday — who can?

    Great post!

  12. Great post – you wrapped it all up very well. I did find some regular visitors when I had my 100 followers contest, and I also found one of my favorite blogs to read when I entered that blogger's contest (I think he'd hit like 300 followers or something like that). I love your examples of blog titles that work – so true, if I only have time to hit a few blogs, I'll go to the ones with catchy titles.

  13. I try to visit my friends as much as I can, but being a hassled blood courier and a would-be Dean Koontz leaves me with scant free time.

    I try for interesting post titles. I blog every day and for too long. What you expected a perfect human? But if I find a reason not to blog for a day, it will get too easy not to blog at all.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your great comment. Roland

  14. I agree with everything here! I generally don't do blogfests or carnivals, yet. For some reason, I'm just not up to them, and I don't like to post my writing online.

    I blog 3 times a week, rarely 4, and it works out great for me and my followers, I think!

  15. One thing I have been seeing floating around a lot lately is “Blogger Etiquette”.
    From what people believe a blog should be.
    Welp, call me the Anti-Blogger then, because I throw the etiquette out.
    I've read that music is out for blog pages,and I put it in.
    I've read you shouldn't use videos for posts,and I use them when needed.
    Also from what I have read…people think you should stick with one theme.
    I think people should post whatever is on their minds for the moment, day, week ,or whatever.
    Anyways, good post ,and I enjoyed reading it .

  16. I totally agree on the short posting. I love it when I can read, giggle, comment and leave!! :0)

  17. I have recently cut back my blogging. I totally agree on short posts. I skim anything longer than a page. I try to visit everyone that comments for me, and that can turn into a half-day exercise if I have to read 2000 words from each of them.

  18. I like to mix it up with some short and some longer posts, some light pieces, some heavy how-to pieces. Posting daily seems to me a sure way to burn out. I usually take weekends off, and post about 3times a week.

    Blogfests have been a fun way to meet other writers and build a following, but not for everyone.

  19. I really appreciate the dashboard feature on Blogger where you may peruse the latest posts and keep track of everyone you are following. Also Google Reader is extremely efficient.


    Especially about long posts. It's a shame because there are several blogs I've come across that interest me, but we're talking all day here just to read their post.

    PS. Thanks for stopping by today and for the *welcome back.* And I really appreciate your admiration of my bank-breaking diamond-studded tiara! LOL!! 🙂

  21. Thanks for explaining the blog fests and chains. I haven’t tried these yet because it makes me a little nervous if other bloggers are depending on me to do something. What happens if something comes up and a participant doesn’t participate? Does that mess it up for everyone else – kind of like not passing on a chain letter?

  22. Great, honest, and to the point. In other words, all the good elements in a post. :o) I agree with your thoughts too. I like them short and I try to keep my down the more I get into blogging. Word verification is a necessary evil, I realize, but I don't like it either.

    And I always have at least one typo. So don't feel too bad. We all do it.

  23. Great post! I'm just starting up my blog, so this was perfect information. Fun to read too! Thanks. 🙂

  24. Thanks for putting all these in one place – and this post didn't feel long at all because it was so informative.

  25. I started out blogging every day. Then had to cut down. Recently I posted, then went a whole week before I could post again. But I got more than three times as many comments on that post! As someone above said, give your followers time to get to your post.

    And titles. I've never been good with titles, but I'm learning. A title could end up being half of your (brief) post!!! (smiley face)

    Thanks for a thoughtful and very readable. It didn't seem long because I enjoyed it. Very informative. Thank you.

  26. Stacy Post said…
    Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Much appreciated!

    I post three times a week but the days do vary. I try to stick to reading, writing, rejection recipes and the occasional seen-reading feature.

    I think you've hit all the high points. Thanks for sharing!

  27. sol said…
    Friday, the days poop on me! LOLOL – I always do love your titles!!!!

    I love blogging and reading other blogs, “fortunately” my universe outside the blogosphere is just way bigger. I don't know how people blog every day, read hundreds of other blogs, and still keep up with their regular jobs, families, etc. I do my best when I can

    keep it up! :o)

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