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I’m in a quandary with posting topics this week, so I’d thought I’d try a stream of consciousness post.


I hit a good rhythm with writing last week. Words, scenes, and ideas gushed forth. Then, out of nowhere, I began to wonder about when I finish and go to reread it…
Will the funny parts be funny or lame?
Will the scary parts be scary or ludicrous?
Will the dramatic moments be comical?
Will the heart-felt moments be dry?

I hope not, but I’ll only know when I reread it. Since that is a little while off, I should not worry about it. Well, I suppose I’ll worry about it. I’ll try not to stress over it.

The weather is sneaky. It’s bright and sunny outside. It makes me want to go to the park with a picnic basket. I step outside and my blood begins to crystallize since it is only 28 degrees. Trickery, I tell you!

I love reading blogs. I try to comment, really, but sometimes I only have time to read. I make a mental note to come back and comment when I have time. But you know what? I can never find the post again.

Similarly when I leave a question in a comment only half of the time do I make it back to see if there is an answer. Please don’t think badly of me, pity me. It’s the mental note thing again. I really need to start making physical notes. But where’s the fun in that?

Why does the word verification in blogger work ten different ways? Sometimes it’s right there and you know you need to do it, other times it only shows after you attempt to post. Unless you’re paying close attention to the words at the top of the page, you might not actually post. And why is it that sometimes when there is no word verification that you have to post to see your comment, then post to actually post?

I think I’ll bundle up in five layers of clothing now and go get a cup of coffee. Why is coffee someone else makes so much better than the one you make yourself?

And now I invite you to post a stream of consciousness comment…

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  1. I think Blogger likes to eat our comments. Where do they go when they don't post?

    Also, I know what you mean about second guessing your writing. Good luck!

  2. I am absolutely terrible at leaving a comment and then forgetting to wait for the word verification thingy majiggy… I normally have left the site and can't find it before I realise I have to go back!

  3. I echo your sentiment about other people making the coffee, but in regards to meals. I've always said that meals always taste better when cooked by someone else 🙂

  4. for the word verification system, it all depends on how the blogger has the comments enabled on their page. I prefer the ones where the WV is right there so you can enter it at the same time as your comment. Like your blog, right now

  5. Sometimes when I read my work back it's not as funny, and sometimes it's even better than I thought. It can go both ways.

    Interesting stream of thought. 🙂

  6. Sometimes I only have time to read a few blogs a day, others I read as many as twenty.

  7. Love this post! It reads like I think – LOL. Hope your coffee was perfect.

  8. Interesting thoughts – you're mind works about the same as mine does. Don't you hate it when you start to doubt yourself?

  9. I second Myrna's comment. Blogger is a trickster; and a hungry beasty. If it likes your comment – or thinks you are a busy bee – it wants your absolute attention.

    I've been re-reading so often lately I can't seem to write anything new.

    I need a few days off. Alone, with my computer. Two days to do nothing productive, two days to think about what I'm going to do, maybe another two days to get it done.

    At least I'm not freezing.


  10. I think the word verification on Blogger is so annoying. I turned it off on my blog and I wish other people would turn it off on theirs. There's always that one letter that doesn't quite look like an M yet isn't an N, and then I type it wrong.

    It's really rainy and cold out. I wish I were in bed. I love reading all of these blogs and catching up on leaving comments. I'm starving. Can't wait for lunchtime.

  11. I hear you on the blog sentiments. I think I've commented when I haven't and rarely do I make it back to see if there was more dialogue if I really did.

    But I think we all feel the pressures of posting and commenting and remember that we're all friends here, even if we can't talk every week. Just like in real life.

    Now go get your coffee. :o)

  12. Hum, Falen I actually have the WV turned off. I just went to double check, disturbing.

  13. Hey southie–
    just read your comment on my blog. Yeah–it was a bitch. Those nuns tried to make me conform but couldn't.

    I'm following your blog cause us lefties have to stick together. we are the most discriminated against minority in the world. My daughter's a lefty, but my son is right-handed [yet he's the artist and she's uber-practical. go figure]

    Happy Holiday.

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