First I was afraid, I was petrified…


Well, not me, but this piece of wood was scared into stone. Okay, okay, it wasn’t scared so much as it was turned into “fossil wood” over time, all the organic matter replaced with minerals. This specimen is from the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. It has a lot of iron oxides in it.

There are petrified forests all over the world and I highly recommend you find one and check it out. It’s like traveling back into time.

Can you find the little piece of moss trying to grow on this fossilized log?  Can you name the song I referenced?

photo by me!

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Updated: November 23, 2016 — 8:53 pm


  1. Can't find the moss, unless it's the white goo on the side, but that looks more like a reflection of light. I Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor.

    Cool pic!

  2. Wow, what a great photo. Lots of history in that wood, which is very inspiring to look at other things too, and find the “story” within. They're all around us.

  3. At first glance I was afraid too — it looked like a bloody stump. I guess it's just a petrified stump. I will survive – hey! hey!
    Have a good day.

  4. …and you say you are having a hard time with a title?! ha…seriously, I know it will come to you.

    great blog title for this one 😉 I love play on words!

  5. LOVE, love, love that song! Nice pic too by the way!!!

  6. .. I didn't think that I could live without you by my side.

    Awesome pic 🙂

  7. I would love to visit a petrified forest. You visit and take pictures of the coolest places.

  8. Not a clue about the moss. But this log has survived just fine over time. Great photo.

  9. I'm not sure if that is part of the log in the top left corner, it's looks like a little bushy blob or that wee yellowy bit on the edge of log just down from the bushy blob. hehe I have sore eyes now!

  10. Niki you are right! Here’s something interesting, on the picture I uploaded the moss is more defined, but once it posted it is more obscure. It’s subtle but enough to make the hint a lot harder.

    I have been humming/singing that little tune since I schedule this post to post. I can’t get it out of my head. 🙂

  11. Hey, I know where that Park is! 🙂 I only live 1/2 hour away. Great picture. When were you there?

    And the song: Isn't it “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor (Cake has a cover too)?

  12. I know that song! But it's true, that we survive almost anything. That wood is proof!!

  13. Oh, yep it's “I will survive”.
    Jackee you live in a gorgeous place! That photo is from two years ago (I think) during a cross country trek.

  14. What a cool pic! I love stuff like that!

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