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Blogging is a unique form of writing. It’s a cross between writing a newspaper article and a journal. It’s sharing information, pictures, stories, and advice with personal panache.

There’s a vast variety of blogs out here in cyberworld. That’s a good thing; everyone can find one he or she can relate to in the blogging world. But what makes it a good blog? What makes us want to go back again or follow it? Does it give us information to help us in our own endeavors? Does it give us new insights into our psyches? Does it give us a peak into someone else’s world? Does it entertain us?

Blogs do all of those things, but to be a good blog it needs to have a voice (just like other forms of writing). When the personality behind the blogger comes through, the blog becomes addictive–at least for me.

Voice is all about language: words, tone, and sentence structure. Each novel has its own unique voice and so do blogs. You would think it would be ridiculously easy to have your own voice in your own blog. You’re writing from your heart about your own stuff, right? In one word, no. We all have our business voice and our family lingo. We have lots of different personas we portray to the world, and we don’t switch back and forth when talking to a single individual or group. They might think we’re nuts. It’s not so easy deciding on which one we want to share with the world, but a blogger eventually settles on a particular voice.

I’m still in the progress of developing my blogger voice. So, you’re kind of like my guinea pigs. Let me see, it takes me between six and ten pages of writing to peg my voice down when writing a story, so if I translate that to blog writing I should have my blog voice narrowed down by… well, let’s just hope it’s soon.

What keeps you going back to a blog? What strikes that blogger nerve of yours?

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  1. I like diversity. And people expressing what is really happening in their lives. Some bloggers will post a particular trial or tribulation they are going through and how they overcome the pain and suffering. The real life scenarios are what touch me the most.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. No matter the blog theme, it's a genuineness that keeps me coming back. I follow blogs ranging from writers to photographers to one recording her journey raising a wild mustang. When their passions shine through, I'm hooked.

  3. Great post! Blogging is just like writing — you've got to fine tune the voice that's coming through and let it shine. The more real it is, the more people will come back

  4. Voice is most important for me. Next is useful information. I'll go back to blogs that have one or both.

  5. This is a great topic. I also enjoy voice and personality. Essentially when I read someone else's blog, I want to get a feel for 1) what kind of writer they are and 2) what new experiences they bring to the table. There are a ton of blogs on the same subject out there, so what's important to me is how that blogger personalizes their writing and makes the topic their own. Interesting subjects and clean writing are what keep me coming back!

  6. Voice is a huge factor for me too. Also commonality. I tend to revisit blogs where I share something similar in my life with the author. I have to feel that connection.

  7. I love funny! Short, sweet amd funny. Oh and real, honest bloggers… ones that make me laugh and cry… ooooo, I think I just love them all!

    I never, ever read a book but just can't seem to drag myself away from blogs!

  8. Interesting perspective! Over the months I've been blogging, one thing I've realized is that blogging is so individualistic–it means so many different things to so many different people. There's really no one right answer or one way to peg blogging. But one common theme I've noticed is that blogging is really about relating to one another on some level, either for encouragement, learning, friendships, etc.

  9. What a great topic! How true that it does take some time to find your “blogger voice,” and the “theme” of your blog.

    I like a broad range of blogs. Those that inspire, that I can learn from, those on which I can identify with and share thoughts, those that are entertaining. The only thing I can think of that I don't care for are overly long posts.

  10. I'm a very visual person, so a blog that includes art/photos related to the posts really draw me in.

    Also, authors or aspiring authors with something to say: advice, literary quotes or references, etc.

    I have fun blogs I visit from time to time, too: craft, fashion & food blogs. I learn something from each blog I visit.

  11. I'm still developing my blogging voice too.

    I like blogs that let me get to know the blogger. I especially love blogs by writers and artists where they share their process.

  12. I like diversity as well. It also has to make me laugh.

    But usually, I just like the rhythm of the writing voice and just fall into it.

  13. That's a hard question for me because there are many completely different blogs that I read.
    I like learning from others, but not too long or technical, and it can be as simple as a recipe or complex, like…hmmm…
    I like humor – again, not too long.
    Don't like too much complaining – there's a difference in writing to seek help or advice, as opposed to whining in ever post.

    Hungry at the moment – can't think – gotta go eat dinner. 🙂

  14. I think the voice is a really important factor in retaining readers. It's like a friendship. I keep going back if someone's just talking to me in a nice and entertaining way. If they are complaining or dwelling on negativity I tend not to keep coming back. Informative is also good — I like to take something away with me. And as Stephen Tremp said, diversity is nice– same old stuff day after day gets boring. I like to have diversity in my blog to keep me interested in what I'm writing and in turn hopefully keep the reader want to return to see what I'm going to do next.

  15. This is quite a good topic! I did an article series at on Snarky Blogging which I don't care for one iota. I like authentic, respectful, and relational blogging voices – however they “sound”. So far, I like your voice! Just be yourself and shine through!

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